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22:09, April 27, 2015MINGLERMAIL For Pencil Pusher, again.mid.JPG (file)31 KBIFeelMoreCurensic 
10:17, April 22, 2015Lowdown Sally.png (file)25 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Cropped out nametag.)
00:07, April 22, 2015The Dreamland Screening Room Location.png (file)61 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Location of The Dreamland Screening Room on Lullaby Lane in Donald's Dreamland.)
23:51, April 21, 2015Blues News Location.png (file)86 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Location of Blues News on Alto Avenue in Minnie's Melodyland.)
15:49, April 14, 2015Dime & Quarterdeck Bank Location.png (file)58 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (A file showing the location of Dime & Quarterdeck Bank on Barnacle Boulevard in Donald's Dock.)
14:07, April 14, 2015Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Exterminators Location.png (file)38 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Location of Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Exterminators on Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland.)
02:35, April 11, 2015REM Optometry.jpg (file)25 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (A screenshot of REM Optometry on Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland.)
18:24, April 8, 2015Moonbeam's Ice Cream.jpg (file)51 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (A pic of Moonbeam's Ice Cream on Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland.)
16:13, April 8, 2015The Sleepy Teepee.jpg (file)32 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (A screenshot of The Sleepy Teepee.)
15:25, April 8, 2015More Scores Sporting Goods Location.png (file)171 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (File showing location of More Scores Sporting Goods on Alto Avenue.)
14:18, April 6, 2015Ttr-screenshot-Sat-Mar-14-15-48-23-2015-20395.jpg (file)4 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Cropped image.)
00:00, April 1, 2015The Sleepy Teepee Location.png (file)61 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (The Sleepy Teepee's location.)
23:50, March 31, 2015Dances with Sheep.jpg (file)13 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (A picture of Dances with Sheep.)
19:46, March 31, 2015Casa de Casanets.jpg (file)22 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Casa De Castanets)
16:36, March 21, 2015Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Exterminators.jpg (file)48 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (A picture of "Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Exterminators" in DDL.)
20:43, March 14, 2015Fisherman Shane.jpg (file)21 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Pic of Fisherman Shane)
20:22, March 14, 2015Anna's Cruises Travel Agency Location.png (file)45 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Location of Anna's Cruises Travel Agency.)
22:16, March 6, 2015Sing Solo We Can't Here You! Location.png (file)128 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Remake of previous pic so it can be used properly.)
21:53, March 6, 2015Quiet Francesca Location.png (file)128 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Location of Quiet Francesca/Sing Solo We Can't Hear You)
00:39, March 6, 2015Daisy Gardens Clothing Shop Location.png (file)324 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (Last remake of the pic so that I can use it properly in an article.)
00:26, March 6, 2015DGCGLocation.png (file)324 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (A pic showing the location of the DG Clothing Shop.)
12:16, February 16, 2015Daisy Gardens Playground Map (Number 3 Circled).jpeg (file)35 KBIFeelMoreCurensic (I circled number 3 to indicate that that is the DG Clothing Shop's location. I'll use this pic on the DG Clothing Shop page.)
22:10, February 15, 2015$RX9WNTU.jpg (file)73 KBIFeelMoreCurensic 
17:24, February 15, 2015Ttr-screenshot-Sun-Feb-15-12-22-47-2015-29936.jpg (file)129 KBIFeelMoreCurensic 

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