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As the clock continues ticking and time runs by, things may start to become irrelevant within Toontown Rewritten. This page seems to have information on content that had been removed from Toontown.
Slappy Booth

This jellybean stand was created by Slappy himself. It was first seen at the Toon Council Presidential Elections for one of Slappy's campaigns in order to win votes. Unlike Flippy's pie stand, it had only made an appearance at the election and was unfortunately useless during Doomsday.


To match Slappy's appearance, the base is modeled off of Slappy's shirt, which is light green with one green stripe. Two hands come out of the top, one holding a sign, and the other holding a jar of jellybeans.


Toon Council Presidential Elections

Created by Slappy to win himself votes, the stand became an opportunity to become a Green Toon on St. Patrick's Day for the first time. Slappy also offered unites to offer jellybeans and gags to Toons. Slappy stood on his hot air balloon right by the jellybean stand.


Immediately after Slappy won the election, the Cogs invaded Toontown. A Yesman came to interrupt the election and made Slappy become sad, in which his stand also went sad. Professor Prepostera and Doctor Dimm stood next to Slappy's stand at the election investigating its silliness until then. While the Cogs invaded Toontown Central, Slappy's stand stood there doing nothing. After the Director of Ambush Marketing was defeated, the Toontown Rewritten Alpha stage ended, and the election stand was moved.


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