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Sir Max, who goes by Joey as his real life alter-ego, is a Toon Trooper and a member of the Toontown Rewritten Team. He serves as Creative Director and works in the Game Design department. Joey co-founded Toontown Rewritten alongside Fat McStink, who goes by Jeremy as his real life alter-ego, in late 2013.


Storyline updates


Back when there were many updates revolving the storyline of Toontown Rewritten, especially concerning the 26th, Joey used to create status updates via MMO Central Forums hinting at future ARG puzzles.



Joey had also made a lot of important statements reflecting on the lore and to discuss certain scenarios. He also offered hints on how to solve various ARG puzzles.

Originally Posted by joey19982 on 10-15-2013
Originally Posted by Sunflower Bud on 10-15-2013
Any updates on TTR?
Both yes and no. The problem is that we're all really picky. Disney has this amazing concept of a game, however it was made on a deadline and budget. Panda3D was originally used as a themepark engine and hacked together to work on a desktop PC. As development goes on, we've been seeing more and more of this which causes delays for us to rewrite those parts. We're essentially reinventing the wheel because Disney's wheel was more of an octagon. Nonsense belongs in Toontown- not the game engine!
In our eyes, we're making tons of progress. That process just isn't something that you can see visually. We want to get this out as soon as we can because we miss Toontown just as much as anyone else here, (In fact, we miss it enough to devote all of our free time to bringing it back...) but we want to make sure that the game is built to last. Trust me, the extra time we're taking now will be worth it.

Originally Posted by joey19982 on 10-24-2014
Originally Posted by Mike Thunderflame on 10-18-2014
Well, looks like we're getting cursed with pumpkin heads from Jack O. Kazam this year.
Nice work, Sir Max.
Psh, come on guys. How could I have known he was a wizard?
Is there a lesson I was supposed to learn here? Because I'm all for angering another wizard and having them duel. Thumbs up? You know what, I'm going to do it anyway.

Originally Posted by joey19982 on 03-31-2014
Originally Posted by Boota on 03-31-2014
Yeah. It's a terribly constructed device. An all-in-one machine is never a good idea.
The good or bad of an idea depends on the maker's purpose. It is one thing to undo a mistake, but fate cannot be altered.

Originally Posted by joey19982 on 11-04-2013
wee woo wee woo

Originally Posted by Radicrane on 12-01-2013
Be Optimistic About the Butterflies
I know some of you are mad that no cogs came out yesterday, but I'm sure the Toontown Rewritten team has their reasons. At least the butterflies showed that the server can handle several moving entities, and I'm pretty sure that butterflies were the last small detail to get added. So that means from now on they will have to add larger things like the insides of buildings, cogs, etc.
Originally Posted by joey19982 on 12-01-2013
Orrrr we knew how much everyone was expecting the cogs, so we put together the most pointless update ever.
...But we would never do that. ;)

Originally Posted by joey19982 on 05-27-2014
Originally Posted by BachelorsOfScience on 05-27-2014
This is what I'm thinking about as well. In philosophy, a person who time travels may change indirect or direct causes but the outcome always has to be the same. In TTR, toons voted Slappy as the president. In TTO, Flippy was the president and this most certainly has to be the outcome. Even though Slappy officially won, Flippy became the president anyway because that is the fate.
Slappy won in TTO as well. Flippy has always been the underdog in the Election, but when his best friend was made sad right before his eyes it brought out his true character. If Flippy and Slappy had switched positions, who knows if Toontown would have survived. Slappy didn't have pies.

Originally Posted by joey19982 on 05-27-2014
Originally Posted by Mister Fluffy Dynoteeth on 05-27-2014
A variable changed somewhere along the line that has caused the cog invasion process to speed up. If Slappy winning and going sad isn't that variable, then what could it be? I think that's one thing we're missing here, figuring out what this missing variable is
The Cog Invasion didn't speed up - that always happened on Election day. (In TTR canon.) Why do you think that Gyro wasn't in his lab when Scrooge arrived?
The toons somehow have Toon Parties, Golf, and soforth 6 years ahead of time. They had a head start - but the problem is that the Cogs created things based off of the toons. Take Goons, for example. You know where they came from. The Cogs are always learning and adapting to the market. The Toons have Parties? We'll launch Field Offices. They made a golf course? That's the perfect spot for our country club.
However that is a variable, that variable was only sped up to improve the experiment. One of the variables changed.

Originally Posted by joey19982 on 04-26-2014
Slappy won the election in TTO as well. By voting for Slappy people thought they would change the future of Toontown, however they chose the exact same path that the toons before them chose. You changed the wrong variables. If Flippy had won, though... The outcome may not have been much, much worse.
There is a reason that Paula Bear is the only known Polar Bear in TTO.

joey19982 Mon Nov 24 22:52:50 2014 UTC
2 days to the 26th. Welcome back, Doctor.

joey19982 Mon Nov 24 22:50:59 2014 UTC
Remember that some events have been reconned -- although we didn't see it, Slappy won in TTO too. Flippy's bravery led him to take his place.
There's a reason why Polar Bear Day only happened once... Slappy wasn't around to do it next year.
joey19982 Tue Nov 25 12:27:42 2014 UTC
"Retcon" means to basically fill in a gap and sort of subtly rewrite the story. Since we don't know what happened in TTO, it is canon in TTR that Slappy did originally win in the TTO timeline. We just didn't see it.
joey19982 Tue Nov 25 16:59:55 2014 UTC
Has history been changed, or merely sped up? ;)

joey19982 Tue Jan 27 00:11:50 2015 UTC
Big things are coming soon! But not today. Not yet.
The Two are watching, however. Something is different, though it won't be clear yet.


  • Sir Max made his first debut in a blog post titled "Knock-Knock Contest", weeks after Toontown Rewritten was announced publicly.[1]
    • Ever since then, these jokes had been troublesome for Sir Max, making him greatly dislike them.
  • Along with Jeremy, Joey ran a Toontown community website called "Toonbook" before Toontown Online announced closure in which they both decided to assemble a development team and bring Toontown back.
  • Sir Max and Flippy are known to be good friends.
  • Doctor Surlee once stated that he knows Sir Max but is unaware of who "Joey" is. Sir Max apparently has a habit of giving Surlee a headache.
  • Sir Max angered Lil Oldman who turned out to be a real blizzard wizard. Lil Oldman made a storm that made all of Toontown cold and snowy on Christmas.
    • Not learning his lesson from last time, Sir Max angered another wizard by the name of Jack O' Kazam by stealing his accessories. Thus, Jack O' Kazam now unleashes an annual "Spooktown" curse every Halloween.
  • On February 15, 2020, Joey announced that he resigned from the Public Relations department and shifted his focus to full-time Creative Direction to start a brand new Game Design department.[2]