Silly Teams are the main feature of the Silly Meter. During the active phase of the Silly Meter, all qualifying Toons may choose one of three randomized teams to put their Silly Points towards, with each team corresponding to a certain reward.

Upon the Silly Meter reaching its peak, the team with the most points earned towards it will have its reward activated for all of Toontown. Toons may change the team they are contributing towards at any time via the Shticker Book once they retrieved a Silly Reader. Once a Silly Team has won, it will be eliminated from the next cycle.[1]

Silly Teams

Overjoyed Laff Meters

Sillymeter laffteam
"A little joy goes a long way! +8 Maximum Laff Points while the Silly Meter is maxed."

When this team is active, all Toons receive +8 extra laff points to their maximum laff, providing an extra boost to help Toons in battling the Cogs. A Toon's laff meter will show the laff in orange during this perk, and have a white glow around the meter, signifying that their laff has been boosted. With this reward, the maximum of 137 laff is temporarily raised to 145 laff.

This team's chant is "The best medicine is laughter! Vote for Overjoy, and live happily ever after!"

Decreased Fish Rarity

Sillymeter fishteam
"Holy Mackerel! Rare fish are easier to find with this silly perk."

When this team is active, rare fish are easier to catch via fishing. To compensate for the decreased rarity, all ponds where specific ultra rare fish can be caught are given extra docks, up to seven in total.

It is not officially confirmed how much more common Ultra Rare fish are to catch, but it has been found to be within the range of a 2 - 2.5x boost.[2]

This team's chant is "Fishing every day keeps the Cogs at bay! Vote for fishing to help Toontown, I say!"

Double Jellybeans

Sillymeter beanteam
"Double your fun (and money) with double jellybeans for all activities!"

When this team is active, all jellybeans rewarded from activities, including unites, are doubled.

This team's chant is "Jellybeans Jellybeans, more more more! Vote for them to find double in the store!"

Speedy Garden Growth

Sillymeter gardenteam
"Make your gardens bloom faster than Daisy's to ramp up your garden experience."

When this team is active, the Toon's gardens grow every six hours, resulting in plants growing at 12:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 6:00 PM Toontown Time rather than the usual single growth at 12:00 AM Toontown Time. Additionally, while this effect is active, gardens will not deplete any water.

This team's chant is "Grow your Gardens super quick, vote for gardening and you can garden 'till you're sick!"

Double Racing Tickets

Sillymeter racingteam
"Ready, set, GO get Double Tickets at Goofy Speedway! Doesn't apply to Grand Prix races."

When this team is active, Toons will receive double tickets from all non-Grand Prix races.

This team's chant is "Start your engines, it's time to race! Vote for racing with a smile on your face!"

Global Teleport Access

Sillymeter teleportteam
"Who needs ToonTasks? Temporarily unlock teleport access to all areas of Toontown!"

When this team is active, Toons will automatically gain temporary teleportation access to any area across Toontown, regardless of their ToonTask or Cog Disguise progress.

This team's chant is "From the Brrrgh to Donald's Dock, vote for teleport and move in a fraction of the clock!"

Doodle Trick Boost

Sillymeter trickteam
"Jump! Backflip! Dance! Doodles perform tricks more often and earn more experience."

When this team is active, doodles will perform tricks more often and earn more experience at the estate.

This team's chant is "A happy Doodle is a Toon's best friend, vote for Doodles and less time you will spend!"

Double Gag Experience

Sillymeter toonupteamSillymeter trapteamSillymeter lureteamSillymeter soundteam
Sillymeter throwteamSillymeter squirtteamSillymeter dropteam

"Earn double experience for specific gags in all battles!"

There are seven total Gag Experience teams, with each one corresponding to a specific gag track. When one of these teams are active, gag experience for that track will be doubled in all battles.

This team's chant is "Gags for you, gags for all! Vote for gags to grow your collection tall!"


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