19-3-6 sillyreader

A photo of the Silly Reader.

The Silly Reader is a tool used by Toons to detect the silliness levels inside of the Silly Meter, which can be accessed from inside a Toon's Shticker Book. Obtaining the Silly Reader requires a Toon to have at least 30 laff and/or have a level 4 gag, and requires the Toon to complete a task given by the scientists inside of Toon Hall, as detailed in Obtaining a Silly Reader.

Toons that have a Silly Reader can view information about silliness levels in the last tab of their Shticker Book. The reader shows what silliness points have been gained and lost in the last 15 minutes, and also shows how many silliness points Toons need to gain to fill the Silly Meter. Toons can also join a silly team using the reader, making all the silly points they earn individually go towards that team and its associated bonus. When the meter fills, for a period of two days it grants the bonus that had the most silly points put towards it. This effect is global, affecting even Toons that don't have a Silly Reader.

To gain silliness points, Toons simply do anything toony around town, such as taking over Cog Buildings, racing against other Toons, or even hosting parties. But the Cogs fight back, and they take away silly meter points! Toons must fight against the cogs to increase silliness levels and save Toontown!

Obtaining a Silly Reader

The task to obtain a Silly Reader requires the Toon to be at least 30 laff or have a level 4 gag, and proceeds as follows:

  1. Talk to any Loony Labs Scientoon in Toon Hall and ask for a Silly Reader
  2. Obtain 75 tokens from the "Maze Game" Trolley game, anywhere
  3. Return to any Loony Labs Scientoon in Toon Hall
  4. Retrieve 5 Silliness Suckers from the Cogs, anywhere
  5. Return to any Loony Labs Scientoon in Toon Hall
  6. Participate in any race
  7. Return to any Loony Labs Scientoon in Toon Hall

Reward: A Silly Reader

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