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The Silly Meter is a device that tracks the silliness throughout Toontown. With the assistance of Doctor Fissionton and the S.I.L.L.I. (Scientists Interested in Laugh Levels Increasing) division of Loony Labs, it was invented by Doctor Surlee with the intent of bringing something new to Toontown, and thus ending the anomalies of the 26th. A completed Silly Meter was released to Toontown Rewritten on March 6, 2019 as a single largest expansion created to date.

Functionality of the Silly Meter

Silly Points

As Toons continuously participate in all sorts of activities, the Silly Meter will rise and eventually reach its peak of maximum silliness. Most, if not all, activities in Toontown such as defeating Cogs, taking over Cog Buildings, throwing a party, and playing a round of golf allow Toons to earn Silly Points.

Although Toons are the main source of making Toontown silly as it is, the Cogs, however, are stern-faced to silliness. Their Cog Buildings and Cog Invasions have a negative impact on the Silly Meter by causing silliness to decrease. It is up to the Toons to battle against the Cogs in order to ensure that the Silly Meter can reach its peak.

Silly Reader

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19-3-6 sillyreader

Toons can track silliness at any given moment by using a device created by Loony Labs called the Silly Reader. The Silly Reader is the latest addition to the Shticker Book that allows a Toon to keep track of the Silly Meter's status, view their own Silly Points, and view global Silly Points. There is also a list of detailed stats of how Toons are generating Silly Points and how Cogs are lowering Silly Points. This information is always updated every 15 minutes.

Silly Cycles

The silliness of Toontown relies on cycles. The Silly Meter was designed to progress through three phases:

  • Active Phase: This phase is where Toons earn Silly Points and push the Silly Meter to its peak. As time goes on, the Silly Meter undergoes several transformations to account for rising levels of silliness across Toontown. Toons may visit Toon Hall every now and then to see various forms of the Silly Meter emerge.
  • Reward Phase: This phase occurs once the Silly Meter reaches its peak and lasts for a few days. When that happens, all of Toontown receives a special reward for two days. Heightened silly levels do all sorts of wonderfully wacky things to Toontown, which is why it is recommended for Toons to not miss a second of it.
  • Cool Down Phase: This phase allows both the Silly Meter and town-wide silly levels to normalize for about two days. Once the Silly Meter has reset and the silly levels have had time to stabilize, it moves once more into the active phase.

Silly Teams

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Sillymeter laffteamSillymeter fishteamSillymeter beanteamSillymeter gardenteamSillymeter racingteamSillymeter teleportteamSillymeter trickteam
Sillymeter toonupteamSillymeter trapteamSillymeter lureteamSillymeter soundteamSillymeter throwteamSillymeter squirtteamSillymeter dropteam

As stated previously, all Toons across Toontown will be unlock a special reward for two days after the Silly Meter reaches its peak. During the active phase of the Silly Meter, there are three possible rewards available. There are numerous possible rewards that could appear in a variety of combinations. Shown above are each and every Silly Team ranging from overjoyed laff meters to double gag experience for specific tracks.

Toons may choose to join a Silly Team corresponding to one of the three rewards that they would like to place their Silly Points towards. If Toons do not like the current Silly Team they selected, they may switch to a different Silly Team via the Shticker Book. The team with the most points earned at the time the Silly Meter reaches its peak will unlock that reward for all of Toontown.


  • As the Silly Meter gets closer to its peak, fire hydrants, trashcans, and mailboxes spring to life. When this happens, these objects offer bonus Silly Points, increase movement for nearby Toons, and offer an instant boost to effectiveness of gags.
    • The music in Toon Hall will also get more intense throughout four stages as the Silly Meter fills up.
  • The Silly Meter made its first in-game appearance as a prototype at the Pet Shops during April Toons Week in 2016 to 2017, and later made another appearance inside Toon Hall during the Great Silly Particle Search in 2018.
    • During the Great Silly Particle Search, Doctor Fissionton acknowledged that he would help Doctor Surlee construct a brand new Silly Meter.


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