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Silly Meter Toon Hall

The Silly Meter is a machine that tracks the silly levels of Toontown using Phunny Phluid. It was invented by Doctor Surlee from Loony Labs with a redesign. The Silly Meter made its first in-game appearance as a prototype at the Pet Shops during April Toons Week, and later made another appearance inside the Toon Hall during the Great Silly Particle Search.

During updates in Toontown Online, the Silly Meter was used to animate fire hydrants, mailboxes, and trashcans on the streets. After Disney announced Toontown Online's closure, Goofy accidentally tripped the Slaphappy Safety Valve, making the Silly Meter activate holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and April Toons Week.


  • Doctor Surlee's blueprint shows the Silly Meter with the most parts it can have. In Toontown Online, the Silly Meter transitioned from many phases of construction periodically where more parts were implemented.
  • During the Great Silly Particle Search on April 3, 2018, Doctor Fissionton revealed that his final plan involves helping Doctor Surlee construct a brand new Silly Meter.


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