"This book, a Shticker Book, is full of good stuff."
HQ Harry
Shticker Book

The Shticker Book is the main "control panel" or menu" that every Toon in Toontown carries with them once offered by HQ Harry in the Toontorial. It is in the shape of a green journal with a yellow box and blue question mark on the cover, which has a variety of uses that gives information to the player's Toon or controls game settings. There are many pages to the Shticker Book that Toons may navigate through.


Options & Codes

Enter Code

As the very first simplest page of the Shticker Book, the "Options & Codes" page allows Toons to enter an existing code for a determined item, change color of the SpeedChat menu, open up the Options menu, and exit the game.


Main page: Map of Toontown
Toontown Map Book

The "Map" page provides a whole entire map of Toontown. Note that the pictures of the playgrounds and ways to get to certain playgrounds aren't that accurate.

This page includes the following:

  • Teleport access to playgrounds if unlocked, and Cog headquarters if the specific Cog Disguise has reached level 12-13 for that specific headquarters.
  • Locations of playgrounds and Cog headquarters. 
  • Clouds over unexplored areas to minimize spoilers. 
  • A "Go Home" option to return for a Toon to return to their estate.
  • The Toon's current location.


Main page: Districts
Districts Book

The "Districts" page provides a list of districts.

This page includes the following:

  • The total number of online Toons across Toontown.
  • The current district the Toon is in.
  • A list of districts.
  • A way to change districts.
  • The population of the specific district.
  • A Cog Invasion in the specific district.
  • Details about SpeedChat-only districts and safe zones of Mega-Invasions, summoned Cog Invasions, or both.


Main page: Gags

The "Gags" page provides information about gags.

This page includes the following:

  • Current unlocked gags in their tracks.
  • Number of gags.
  • Jellybeans and the amount.
  • Total amount of gags allowed to carry.
  • Information about a specific gag.
  • Information about all your Cog Disguises.


Main page: ToonTask

The "ToonTasks" page provides information about current tasks. There are current four slots. When you complete a ToonTask for another slot, you will be able to carry even more. ToonTasks cannot be deleted unless they are "just for fun".

This page includes the following:

  • Information about current ToonTasks and requirements.

Gag Track Training


The "Gag Track Training" page provides information about the Toon's gag tracks.

This page includes the following:

  • Current progress of gag tracks. Whenever a ToonTask for an animation frame for a specific track is completed, that frame adds onto the page.

Cog Gallery

Main page: Cog Gallery

The "Cog Gallery" page provides information about Cogs.

This page includes the following:

  • A Cog and building radar once a certain amount of Cogs have been seen.
  • Types of Cogs encountered and their type going up difficulty left to right.
  • Once the Toon has defeated the Chief Justice, their Cog, Cog Building, and Cog Invasion summons will also appear in this very section of their Shticker Book.


Main page: Fishing

The "Fishing" page provides information about fishing.

This page includes the following:

  • Current amount of fish in bucket (up to 20 can fit inside at once).
  • Value of the current bucket if sold.
  • Current rod and weight capacity.
  • Fish albums and all fish encountered.
  • Information about the selected fish.



The "Karts" page provides information about racing.

This page includes the following:

  • Details of the Toon's current kart.
  • Racing records
  • Racing trophies

Cog Disguises

Main page: Cog Disguise

​​The "Cog Disguises" page provides information about the Toon's Cog Disguises.

This page includes the following:

SOS Toons

Main page: SOS Toons
SOS Toons Book

The "SOS Toons" page provides information about SOS cards owned by the Toon.

This page includes the following:

  • What type of SOS it is.
  • What Toon gets called upon when using SOS.
  • The rarity of the SOS Toons' cards.
  • Amount remaining of that specific card.
  • A trash can button to delete unwanted SOS Toons' cards.


Main page: Gardening

The "Gardening" page provides information on the Toon's garden stats.

This page includes the following:

  • Gardening basket
  • Amount of flowers in basket (up to 20 can fit inside at once).
  • Amount of jellybeans that are awarded to the Toons when sold to the wheelbarrow by the sandy spot of estate.
  • Shovel type and experience.
  • Gardening kit type and experience.
  • Types of flowers currently in basket.
  • Album that shows how many flower varieties the player has sold and shows flower jellybean combinations.
  • How many flower trophies the player has which there are 4 in total and 40 flowers in total and every 10 flower varieties sold, a flower trophy and is given to the player.
  • Specials that shows special statues that can only be bought in Clarabelle's Cattlelog and may be only available during certain seasons, such as the Melting Snowdoodle which can only be bought around Christmas.


Main page: Golfing
Golf Page

The "Golf" page provides information on the Toon's golf stats.

This page includes the following:

  • Personal "Best Records" for each type of golf course played.
  • Trophies earned for certain achievements in golf.
  • Cup trophies



The "Snapshots" page provides information about screenshots. This is the only page of the Shticker Book that was not in Toontown Online.

This page includes the following:

  • Adding a caption to a screenshot.
  • Deleting a screenshot.
  • Viewing a screenshot.
  • List of all taken screenshots.
  • The ability to locate the folder within the user's computer where screenshots are stored.


Events Book

The "Events" page provides information about current events.

This page includes the following:

  • A calendar with all of Toontown's events.
  • Parties thrown for all Toons or their friends.
  • Current Toontown time (Pacific).
  • The ability to host a party.
  • Invitations to a party.

Trading card

Series 4
The Shtickerbook
The Shticker Book, published by Toontown's critically acclaimed author "Carl Woofs", has been carried around by every Toon in Toontown as long as anyone can remember. It has reached #1 on The Toontown Times Bestsellers list every year without fail due to its patent-pending feature to fill pages based on stickers that Toons pick up. Just slap on a sticker, and have the page filled with everything you need! Oddly enough, the stickers also create very vivid temporary tattoos if placed on skin instead of paper.


  • According to the trading card of the Shticker Book, it was published by a Toon named Carl Woofs.
    • Carl Woofs is a reference to Carl Barks, an illustrator and comic book creator who worked for Walt Disney Studios.
  • The snapshots page was added to the Shticker Book on January 18, 2014.
  • The gardening page was added to the Shticker Book with the release of gardening on December 6, 2014.
  • The golfing page was added to the Shticker Book with the release of golfing on December 7, 2015.
  • The pages of the Shticker Book can be viewed with the use of a mouse's scroll button.


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