Short Change2.png
Short Change
Basic information
Type: Cashbot
Lowest level: 1
Highest level: 5
Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Penny Pincher

A Short Change is the lowest Cog on the Cashbot corporate ladder. Their levels range from one to five.

Battle starting phrases

  • "I'll be with you shortly."
  • "I'll make short work of you."
  • "You're about to have money trouble."
  • "I think you've been shorted."
  • "Let's make this a short stop."
  • "You're about to be overcharged."
  • "I have a short temper for Toons."
  • "I think you've come up short."
  • "This will be a short-term assignment."
  • "I'm going to Short Change you."
  • "You'll soon experience a shortfall."


  • Clip On Tie    Max Damage: 3
  • Pick Pocket    Max Damage: 6
  • Watercooler    Max Damage: 6
  • Bounce Check      Max Damage: 11

Name meaning

A short-change is to treat unfairly or dishonestly, for example by giving less than is deserved or expected. (source) It also references the action of "short changing" which means to not give all the required change to the customer (at a payment of some description), and keeping the spare change for his/her self.


  • Short Changes share the same heads with Cold Callers, but theirs are lighter than the Cold Callers, which their heads are darker.
  • The Short Change appears to be similar to the Cold Caller. The only main difference is that the Cold Caller is a Sellbot and has a darker tint of blue, while the Short Change has a lighter shade and is a Cashbot.
  • Short Change promotions are the same as Telemarketer promotions.
  • Short Changes are the strongest cogs at the bottom of the cog corporate ladder, because their Bounce Check can do a maximum of 11 damage.
  • On the trading card, their skin color is different as it is green on the card but aqua blue in-game.
  • The Short Change's weakness is the Flower Pot because they make a short cog even shorter


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