Settings.json is a JavaScript Object Notation file that allows the game to save a conditional setting of a Toon or the system performance. Settings such as "accepting friend requests" or "anti-aliasing" can be found here, although these files will usually be empty and must be properly and manually inputted. Settings.json can be edited on any text editor such as Notepad.


There are several settings that can be found in settings.json. Just like any other piece of coding, each line of coding is enclosed in curly braces ({ }) and separated by commas to end a piece of code and start a new line of code. Each line of code must properly be enclosed in curly braces, separated by commas, spelled correctly, and define an appropriate parameter in order for it to work. Failing to comply may corrupt data and cause crashing until corrected. When corruption occurs and the game cannot start up properly, these files can be edited outside of the game to potentially resolve the issue.

Applicable settings are usually set to false.

Types of settings

Syntax Type Description Parameters
accepting-new-friends Toon Defines whether a new friend request can be sent or ignored automatically false, true
accepting-non-friend-whispers Toon Defines whether non-friends can send whispers false, true
fullscreen-mode System performance Allows the game to run in windowed mode or fullscreen mode false, true
borderless-fullscreen System performance Allows a borderless fullscreen mode false, true
resolution System performance Sets the screen resolution of the application [ 640,480 ]
[ 800,600 ]
[ 1280,720 ]
[ 1024,768 ]
[ 1440,900 ]
[ 1600,900 ]
[ 1280,1024 ]
[ 1920,1080 ]
[ 1600,1200 ]
[ 2560,1440 ]
[ 3840,2160 ]
music System performance Turns music on or off false, true
sfx System performance Turns sound effects on or off false, true
toon-chat-sounds System performance Turns Toon chat sounds on or off false, true
show-cog-levels System performance Displays the HUD that appears over Cogs during battles that shows the Cog levels false, true
disable-accessories System performance Displays accessories false, true
want-particle-effects System performance Displays particle effects such as Bossbot Headquarters' rain effect or ToonFest's confetti false, true
antialiasing System performance Allows anti-aliasing in-game (values between 0-16 are typically an acceptable range, and any higher may not have any further effect); "0" is the default settings for no anti-aliasing 0-16
smooth-frames System performance Allows for smoother animations by adding more frames false, true
lod-distance Toon Adjusts the level of detail for Toons from a far distance 0-2
embedded-mode System performance A remnant to Toontown Online settings for in-browser version, defunct false, true
detailed-presence Discord Sets whether you want a detailed rich presence showing up on Discord. false, true
pipe-number Discord Sets which discord client to use if you have more than one running 0-9
accepting-teleports-state Toon Sets whether you want anyone, friends, or nobody to teleport to you 0-2

Sample usage

Below is an example of how the settings.json can be edited. The "xy" is the Toon's ID number and varies between Toons; the ID number will be added automatically if a setting in-game has been changed and saved.

    "xxxxxxxxx": {
        "accepting-new-friends": false,
        "accepting-non-friend-whispers": true,
        "accepting-teleports-state": 1
    "xxxxxxxxy": {
        "accepting-new-friends": false
    "xxxxxxxyy": {
        "accepting-new-friends": false
    "xxxxxxyyy": {
        "accepting-new-friends": false
    "xxxxxyyyy": {
        "accepting-new-friends": false
    "discord": {
        "detailed-presence": true,
        "pipe-number": 0
    "game": {
        "antialiasing": 1,
        "embedded-mode": false,
        "fullscreen-mode": false,
        "music": false,
        "resolution": [
        "show-cog-levels": true,
        "want-particle-effects": true,
	"smooth-frames": true,
        "lod-distance": 2


  • Embedded-mode served as Disney's settings for in-browser gaming, which no longer serves a purpose since Toontown Rewritten is entirely played via the launcher.
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