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Sellbot Factory
Basic information
Type: Sellbots
Location: Sellbot Headquarters
Area information
Minimum level: 4
Maximum level: 6
Special Cogs: Goons
Data is by normal gameplay.
Facility information
Minimum level: 3
Maximum level: 9
Facility boss: Factory Foreman
"We flooded into the Cog Headquarters. Before we knew it, we were deep within its inner workings, fighting off hordes within its factory. Ridley lead us through with a certainty that I still cannot understand. We were orbiting around his gravitational pull and he guided us through room after room of teeth tingling terrors."
Doctor Fissionton[src]

The Sellbot Factory is a facility located in Sellbot Headquarters and is the area responsible for massive Sellbot production. Cogs that are produced off the assembly line without their suits called Skelecogs inhabit the facility, with the Factory Foreman being one of them. This is where Toons can earn parts for their Sellbot Cog Disguise.

The Sellbot Factory has many different rooms and two separate entrances called the Front Entrance and the Side Entrance, which are on the front and on the side of the facility respectively. Historically, any Toon was allowed to enter via the Front Entrance, but only Toons with at least 31 laff points were allowed to use the Side Entrance. However, this has now been changed to allow any Toon to enter via either entrance.


Front Entrance

  • The most commonly used of the two starting rooms. This room has a locked door. The button is directly in front of it.


  • Three Cogs are located within this room. There are two level threes and a level five.
  • There is a locked door. The button to unlock it is guarded by the three Cogs, though it is possible to sneak into the button chamber and press it without alerting the Cogs. Toons have to defeat the Cogs in order to exit to the Lobby Foyer, however.
  • There is a single goon roaming the area, just outside of the door coming from the Front Entrance.

Lobby Foyer

  • This area contains a Throw (Birthday Cake) restock barrel and a movable crate which is used to collect it.

Lobby Hallway

  • This branches off into three paths. Left leads to the Boiler Room. Straight ahead leads to the Warehouse Lookout. Right leads to the Gear Room.

Warehouse Lookout

  • This area is a dead-end, which makes it useless. Its only purpose is to show the Warehouse.

Gear Room

  • The room where most Toons will first encounter the Skelecogs. There are three in this room; two level fives and a level six.

Boiler Room

  • There are three Cogs within this room; a level three, a level five, and a level six.
  • Most Toons will take the Gear Room over the Boiler Room when they only need to do a short factory run. This is because the Gear Room gives more Merits, due to having another level five Cog as opposed to a level three.

East Catwalk

  • Three goons roam this area.
  • This area connects the Gear Room, Paint Mixer Room, and Warehouse.

Paint Mixer

  • Toons must jump on the moving platforms to get to the storage room, which contains stolen barrels holding gags and jellybeans.
  • Should Toons fall off of the moving platforms, they get a -2 laff deduction from the paint.

Paint Mixer Storage Room

  • This room contains the following:
    • 25 jellybeans barrel
    • Two Toon-Up restock barrels
    • Throw restock barrel
    • Squirt restock barrel

West Catwalk

  • Three goons roam this area, just like the East Catwalk. This connects to the Warehouse, the Pipe Room, and the Oil Room Hallway.

Pipe Room

  • This area contains two sets of Skelecogs. Both sets have three Skelecogs in total and are the same levels on both sides; two level fours and a level five.
  • While difficult, it is possible to skip all Cogs within this room by staying to the wall opposite of a Cog and carefully avoiding their detection radius, making it the only room where a Toon can actually escape without having to fight the Cogs within it.

Stomper Alley

  • There are six Stompers in this hallway to the right. Toons must avoid them in order to get to the Lava Room Foyer.
  • This area also contains a Toon-Up restock barrel and a five laff restock barrel. Both can be reached by pushing a nearby crate and jumping on top.
  • This room also connects to the Duct Room.
  • Toons will get -three laff if they are crushed by the stompers.

Side Entrance

  • The room Toons start in if they enter the Sellbot Factory via the side elevator. It is virtually the same as the Main Entrance; there is a button directly in front of a locked door. The only difference is that the door leads to a different room; the Duct Room. The Cogs in that room can be skipped if Toons skip the side entrance and go straight to Stomper Alley.

Duct Room

  • This area contains three Cogs; a level three, a level four, and a level five.
  • If entered from the Side Entrance, the door leading to Stomper Alley is locked. The button is directly in front of the door. Toons have to fight the Cogs in order to head over to the Stomper Alley.

Lava Room Foyer

  • The only purpose of this room is to connect the Lava Room, Oil Room Hallway, and Stomper Alley.

Lava Room

  • Toons must get through the gears and run through the conveyor belt without falling off into the lava and get into the storage room.
  • Should they fall off into the lava, they lose two laff points every three seconds until they get out of the lava.

Lava Storage Room

  • This room contains the following restock barrels:

Oil Room Hallway

  • This room has a door that leads to the West Catwalk. It is locked initially, and the button to unlock it is located within the Oil Room.
  • This room connects the Lava Room Foyer, Oil Room, and West Catwalk.

Oil Room

  • This room contains a level four and two level fives.
  • The button that unlocks the door connecting the Oil Room Hallway and the West Catwalk is located behind the three Cogs. Toons cannot avoid the Cogs, as they will detect the Toons if a Toon tries to sneak by them. Toons have to defeat the Cogs in order to unlock the hallway door.


  • This room has a locked door leading to another area that connects the East and West Silo Catwalk.
  • The button to unlock the door is on top of the platform.
  • This room is visible prematurely via the Warehouse lookout, but Toons can only access it from the East and West Catwalks.
  • This room has four Cogs, atop a lookout platform. There are two level fours, a level five, and a level six.
    • Besides the last battle against the Factory Foreman, this is the only battle in the Sellbot Factory to have four Cogs instead of three.
  • Eight small goons roam the area, which does 10 damage.
  • All goons can be eliminated by using the four stompers.
    • Stepping on one of the orange-colored buttons activates a stomper.
    • In order to destroy a goon, press the orange buttons when a goon is underneath the shadow of a stomper.
    • The stompers may sometimes glitch and will not destroy the goon underneath it.

East Silo Catwalk

  • This area connects the Warehouse to the bottom of the East Silo.
    • An elevator is present in order to get on top of the East Silo.

West Silo Catwalk

  • This area connects the Warehouse to the West Silo.
  • An elevator is present in order to get to the top of the West Silo.

East Silo

  • There are three Cogs on top of the East Silo. Two of them are level six while the other is a level seven.
  • A very dangerous glitch is present on this silo. After arriving on the silo, if a Toon steps backward, they will glitch into the Grey and will be unable to continue the factory. Unless the Toon manages to progress normally even after experiencing the glitch, they will not receive any Merits, ToonTask credit, or factory parts, as they will be stuck in one place, and will be incapable of battling the Foreman.

East Silo Control Room

  • This room houses a button. It must be pressed alongside the one located in the West Silo Control Room in order to access the Center Silo Control Room.

West Silo

  • Three Cogs are on this silo. They are the same levels as the Cogs on the East Silo.

West Silo Control Room

  • This room houses a button. It must be pressed alongside the one located in the East Silo Control Room in order to access the Center Silo Control Room.

Center Silo Control Room

  • The door to the Control Room is locked initially. Once unlocked, Toons can access the Control Room and face off against the Factory Foreman.

Final battle

Main page: Factory Foreman

Atop the Sellbot Factory's Center Silo, Toons will battle the Foreman along with his three assistants, all of which are level six. The Foreman, at level nine, is the highest level Cog in the Factory. He could spawn as one of four Cogs; a Mover & Shaker, a Two-Face, a Mingler, or a Mr. Hollywood. Defeating the Foreman and the other three Cogs will reward Toons with gag experience and Merits, or Sellbot Cog Disguise parts if they lacked parts beforehand.


The following Cogs appear in certain rooms of the Sellbot Factory.

Name Room(s) Level range Image
Cold Caller Every room other than the Silos 3-5 Cog-sellbot-coldcaller.png
Telemarketer Every room 3-6 Cog-sellbot-telemarketer.png
Name Dropper Every room 3-7 Cog-sellbot-namedropper.png
Glad Hander Every room 4-7 Cog-sellbot-gladhander.png
Mover & Shaker Every room 5-9 Cog-sellbot-movershaker.png
Two-Face Gear Room, Boiler Room, Pipe Room, Warehouse, West Silo, East Silo, and Center Silo 6-9 Cog-sellbot-twoface.png
The Mingler West Silo, East Silo, and Center Silo 7-9 Cog-sellbot-themingler.png
Mr. Hollywood Center Silo Control Room 9 Cog-sellbot-mrhollywood.png


As the Sellbot Factory is very non-linear while also being the best place to obtain Merits for a Sellbot promotion, Toons have come up with separate routes to take depending on the number of Merits a Toon needs, in order to prevent defeating more Cogs than a Toon actually has to. The routes listed below are the ones commonly used by most players:

Short Route (Front Entrance)

This is the route most people will take when either they have a low disguise (such as Cold Caller, Telemarketer, and Name Dropper), they are trying to complete their disguise, or they are capping off something such as a higher Cog promotion or a ToonTask for Sellbots. Six rooms are traveled through, and 20 Cogs must be battled. A total of 480 Merits is awarded via this route.





Lobby 56
Gear Room 72
Warehouse 80
East Silo 80
West Silo 80
Center Silo Control Room 112

Medium Route (Side Entrance)

This route is rarely used compared to the other two but is a good alternative to doing time-consuming runs through the entire factory, or Toons are trying to get a promotion for a medium level disguise such as Glad Hander, Mover & Shaker, and a low-level Two-Face. A total of 584 Merits is awarded via this route, and 26 Cogs must be battled.





Duct Room 56
Pipe Room 112 (56 each battle)
Boiler Room 64
Warehouse 80
East Silo 80
West Silo 80
Center Silo Control Room 112

Long Route

This is the most common route taken, especially by Toons with a level 10 Two-Face disguise, a Mingler disguise, or a Mr. Hollywood disguise. All 35 Cogs must be battled, assuming the Toon does not skip the Cogs in the Pipe and Duct Rooms. A total of 776 Merits is awarded via this route.





Lobby 56
Gear Room 72
Boiler Room 64
Pipe Room 112 (56 each battle)
Duct Room 56
Oil Room 64
Warehouse 80
East Silo 80
West Silo 80
Center Silo Control Room 112


Below are helpful tips for Toons to successfully progress through the Sellbot Factory.

  • It is recommended to have at least level four Squirt and Throw gags.
  • If a low laff Toon(s) is attempting to enter the Sellbot Factory, make sure that the Toon has a full boarding group of four.
  • Determine if the boarding group will be doing a short, medium, or long route before entering the Sellbot Factory.
  • Wait for other group members before starting a battle.
  • Many Toons like to battle through the Sellbot Factory with Sound gags. If a Toon has Sound, pick the same gag like the other Toons. However, if a Toon lacks Sound, that Toon can at least target the strongest Cog with a different gag.
  • Make sure the group knows which gags they are using. The typical choice of gags tend to be Sound or Lure.
  • Do not step backward upon visiting the East Silo leaving the elevator. It is possible to glitch into The Grey, which can prevent further progression.


  • The Sellbot Factory is the only Cog facility that:
    • contains ambient sound effects, such as wind from atop the Center Silo, and sounds for the Lava Room's conveyer belt and rotating gears.
    • has a second entrance and multiple routes.
    • does not have Cogs with a double-digit level and has the lowest in level range (from three to nine).
    • includes every Cog on the Sellbots' corporate ladder.
    • has no laff limit of any kind.
  • The model of the Sellbot Factory exterior is actually recycled from an old Toontown Online asset that was originally intended for the scrapped "Sellbot Foot Factory".
    • In the phase files for the game, there is actually an unused model of a much older version of the Sellbot Factory. The basic layout is very similar to the current Sellbot Factory but with some additional rooms and catwalks.
  • After the tweaks update released on February 1, 2015, all gag experience and Merits gained are doubled after the Foreman battle, regardless if there is a Cog Invasion.[1]
  • Gag barrels are not randomized in the Sellbot Factory like they are in the Cashbot Mints and District Attorney's Office.
  • The Center Silo is the only area in the Sellbot Factory where a Mr. Hollywood can spawn as the Foreman.
  • In Toontown Online, the name of every Sellbot Factory room would appear on the player's screen whenever they were entered, and the name of the current room would be displayed in the top right corner. This was added back to Toontown Rewritten in an update released on March 10, 2020.
  • As of the 2.8.4 update released on June 7, 2021, an Easter egg was added to the Warehouse Lookout where Toons can "backwards long jump" up the stairs by pressing the jump button and going backwards at the same time below the stairs, which is a homage to the same technique speedrunners use in Super Mario 64 to bypass certain areas and complete the game faster.
    • The Toontown Rewritten Team hinted at releasing this Easter egg by reacting to a community member's YouTube video titled "Toontown Factory Speedrun World Record", though it was instead released ahead of the 2.9.0 update.[2]