The Sellbot Cog Disguise tab under "Cog Disguises" from the Shticker Book.

The Sellbot Cog Disguise is a violet plaid Cog Disguise with a light green thin tie and a pocket on the left hand side. This disguise is required to access Sellbot Towers in order to fight the Vice President.


To obtain this disguise, Toons must go into the Sellbot Factory and defeat the Factory Foreman in the control room of the center silo. Every time the final battle of the Sellbot Factory is completed, Toons get one disguise part. Ten parts are needed to complete the disguise, which means you would have to do ten Sellbot Factories.

Promotions and merits

Main page: Merits

After the disguise has been completed, Toons also need merits to get a promotion in order to be allowed to fight the Vice President. The minimum level for this disguise is a level 1 Cold Caller and the maximum is a level 50 Mr. Hollywood. Once a Toon maxes their disguise, they will no longer need to collect merits to fight the Vice President.


  • Teleportation access is granted to Sellbot Headquarters to a Toon once they reach level 13 Mr. Hollywood.


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