"hi im roger dog, you can call me roger dog for short."
―Roger Dog

Roger Dog is a member of the Toontown Rewritten Team. As member of the team, his job is working as a technical artist. He is one of the many cast members whose existence is canon in the storyline of Toontown Rewritten.

The credits scene from the Toon Council Presidential Elections listed his positions on the team as "Roger Dog", "3D modeler", and "animator".

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"The purpose behind the blog posts are to recreate the atmosphere we once had when the official website was live.

We aren't just trying to build a shell of a game that Toontown once was, but all the things that made it what it came to be. We want Toontown Rewritten to be an experience that everyone can follow along throughout development, not just the exclusive few with access to the current game. For now, the little stories we craft are the only way people outside of the game can really interact and follow along with us within the feel of the Toontown world. It's really ambitious, sure, but I personally believe that that kind of storytelling is a big part of what makes things like a Disney theme park experience genuine, and I love seeing that kind of approach being used to engage with the community in a game like this.

Of course, you could say this approach is even in an "alpha" of its own! We don't get it right all the time; this is all a huge learning experience for us! When time allows for it, we might eventually have a portion of the website devoted to "behind-the-scenes" stuff where we can more easily communicate exactly what's being worked on. For now, here on MMOCentral and IRC are primarily where we pump out any development snags or status updates."

―Roger Dog[[MMO Central Forums[1]|[src]]]

"This update is great. Alright, friends, gather around and listen to the story of Roger Dog.

Back in the day, Roger Dog used to be famous on TTC for his Panda 3D modeling. He also used the scarecrow glitch a long, long time ago in TTC playground on multiple toons.

Cutting to the chase... Roger's a close friend of mine and some others. He originally did not have an alpha key. So a friend and I made Roger Dog clones on TTR. Eventually, a few more people made Roger Dog clones, and the real Roger Dog remade his toon. We all marched to Donald's Dock on Sunday morning, saying 'hi im roger dog' 'have you met my friend roger dog' etc.

Now, the devs are in on the joke too - and this is the rogerpocalypse!"

―Lisosaurus[[MMO Central Forums[2]
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