Robber Baroom
Robber Baron
Basic information
Type: Cashbots
Lowest level: 8
Highest level: 12
Preceded by:

Loan Shark

Succeeded by:

Chief Financial Officer

Robber Baron is the highest level

Cog on the Cashbots corporate ladder. Excluding Cog invasions, they can only be found in Cog Buildings, Cashbot Vault included.

Starting Phrases

  • "Hope you can grin and baron."
  • "Stick 'em up."
  • "You've been robbed."
  • "I'll rob you of this victory."
  • "You could call this neighborhood robbery."
  • "I'm going to take everything you have."
  • "I'm a royal pain!"
  • "Toons to rob, places to steal from..."
  • "I'm a noble adversary."
  • "You should know not to talk to strangers."
  • "You'll need to report this robbery."
  • "Don't move anywhere."


  • Tee Off
  • Power Trip
  • Weakness is a 10 dollar bill.
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