Spyro 2.0 loading screen

The Toontown Rewritten loading screen with a background texture from the "Spyro 2.0" resource pack.

A resource pack, other known as a "content pack"", allows a player to use different textures and audio files to their liking when playing Toontown Rewritten. So far this is the only modification available for Toontown Rewritten, which means it is not possible to modify models.

To use resource packs, make a new folder named "resources" and then place the phase files from the resource pack into the resources folder and place it into the Toontown Rewritten folder, which is the same folder where log files and screenshots are stored. The phase files that can be used range from phase_3 to phase_13.

To remove a resource pack, simply rename the "resources" folder or remove the phase files from the folder.

Opening phase files

Main page: Phase files

In order for a resource pack to appear different and to change the look of a game, the phase files must have a client-sided edit. Players can edit phase files by opening opening and extracting them into mf files with a tool called "multify" in Panda3D.


  • At one point, it was possible to modify models, but an update on July 5, 2014 removed this modification in order to prevent cheating.[1] This was likely how Toons could access Bossbot Headquarters before the area was released.


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