Resistance Salute

The Resistance Salute phrase

The Resistance Salute is a special emotion used to signify the membership or affiliation of the Toon Resistance. When used, the Toon will say "Toons of the world, unite!" while jumping in the air.

The phrase is given by Whispering Willow, who will give the Resistance Salute emotion when a Toon says a special SpeedChat phrase, "Would you like some help?". Once the phrase is said, the emotion can be found under the "Animation" tab of the SpeedChat menu.


When Bossbot Headquarters was uncovered prior to the construction of the tunnel between Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf and the headquarters, the Toon Resistance granted a teleportation bypass through the use of the Resistance Salute in a specific location within the MiniGolf area. Using the Resistance Salute allowed Toons to reveal the passage and access to Bossbot Headquarters.


  • A minor bug occurs after the usage of the Resistance Salute in which the dance animation frame rate is much slower than the usual frame rate.
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