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Release notes
This page contains an archive of every update released to Toontown Rewritten throughout the year.

This page lists the release notes for Toontown Rewritten during the year of 2020.


March 10, 2020 [ttr-live-v2.6.8]

Chip n' Dale's Acorn Acres

• Acorn Acres' Picnic Games have been re-written from the ground up for stability and more features!
• While playing Picnic Games, the GUI has been updated with more flair and better indicators.
• Even if you aren't playing a Picnic Game, you can see the game board move in real time, even from afar!
• Rewrote the instructions for Picnic Games to be clearer.
• Reduced the volume of some MiniGolf sound effects added in the last game update.


• Implemented measures to reduce memory leaks and reduce crashes on Intel based systems.
• Increased the speed at which you can deposit and withdraw jellybeans from your Jellybean Bank.
• Corrected a crash that occurred while visiting a friend gardening at their Estate.
• Fixed an issue where names such as "D.J." would be blocked due to no vowels and all capitals.
• Re-named "Juggling Balls" to "Juggling Cubes".
• Addressed various bugs and glitches throughout Toontown.


• Added a new option in the Options Menu to adjust text quality.
• Adjusted the scaling of '3, 2, 1, Go!' in Kart Racing to be visually clearer.
• Fixed a graphical bug in the 'Cog Thief' Trolley Game.
• Fixed the text alignment of the 'Options & Codes' title in the Shticker Book.


• Implemented Organic Gag indicators in the battle menus. There's no need to say "ORG" anymore!
• These indicators also affect Toon T.A.G.S. - so you'll never have to worry about if your teammates have come prepared.

Cog HQs

• Re-added room name tags within the Sellbot Factory. Now you'll never be lost!
• Fixed many "grey screen" loading bugs in the District Attorney's Office and in Cog Golf Courses.
• Fixed various cutscene bugs in the Sellbot V.P. Battle.
• Implemented detailed reward information at the end of the Lawbot Chief Justice and Bossbot C.E.O. Battles.
• Adjusted the names of some Cog Bosses within Boarding Groups and SpeedChat for consistent grammar and style.
• Adjusted the "How to Play" menu in Cog Golf to be less confusing and visually cleaner.


April 1, 2020 [ttr-live-v4.1.20]


• Upgraded Toontown’s version from v2.6.8 to v4.1.20. The future is well and truly now!
• To ensure that the servers remain stable, all districts are now SpeedChat-only.
• Added a limit of 500 Players online at once to avoid further server issues. Hurray for stable servers!


• Replaced the Trolley with a broken-down shuttle to Cog Nation. Better not be late to work!
• Golf balls will now swerve around the hole, putting those pesky pranksters out of a job.
• Removed all Gags from Kart Racing.

Audio & Visuals

• Adjusted the Chief Justice’s visual appearance to match the missing wig.
• Adjusted Bumpy Bumblebehr’s dialogue to appropriately say “Your Honorable Baldness” rather than “Your Honorable Blindness.”
• Added music to Toon Estates.


• Due to strongly-worded feedback from our players, we have reverted all previously made changes.


December 15, 2020 [ttr-live-v2.7.0]


• In-Game Prompts are now managed under a new system to fix multiple glitches and some soft-lock issues.
• When you ignore another player, that preference now persists between game-sessions until you choose to stop ignoring them.
• Fixed a longstanding issue that prevented players from restoring Laff on the trolley.
• Fixed a bug where Find Four would declare a player the winner when they haven’t actually won.
• Fixed several grammatical errors throughout Toontown. If you find any more, please let us know!
• Addressed a district reset relating to choosing a picnic game.
• Fixed a crash when the game window's height was set to zero.
• Addressed a crash that could happen when entering doors during high server stress times.
• Removed the ability to pick up the Red Nose Deer ToonTask twice.
• Fixed an issue where Doodles would escape to the playground, causing district resets. Remember, lock the gate to your Estate!

Content Packs

• A new option is available under the Video Tab in the Options Menu to manage your Content Packs! You can enable and disable Content Packs on an individual basis, and choose which order they are loaded in by clicking and dragging all in one menu to mix and match full content packs with partial ones. (NOTE: This setting will only appear if you already have a Content Pack, as they cannot be installed through the game. You can download Content Packs from third-party sources and drop the files into a “resources” folder wherever you have Toontown Rewritten installed.)
• Content Pack creators can add a custom icon and description for the game to display when they distribute their content packs. More info can be found on our FAQ.
• In a future update, you’ll be able to distinguish content packs provided by Toontown Partners.

Friends & SpeedChat

• Friend loading has been rewritten, and we’re trying out the changes by allowing players to now have up to 150 friends!
• Added a “District” section to SpeedChat to better communicate with others where to go.
• Added the phrase “I hear you!” under the “Friendly” menu.
• Players will now be notified if they whisper to a SpeedChat-only player through SpeedChat+.
• Players who can only use SpeedChat can now view SpeedChat+ messages sent by Staff Members and Cast Members.
• Fixed a long standing bug where SpeedChat menus behaved unexpectedly when trying to hover over a message with several categories open.
• Removed “Player” friend lists, which was a remnant of other Disney services.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when using SpeedChat while exiting the game.
• Made various additions and removals to the SpeedChat+ dictionary.


• Added a setting for enabling and disabling ambient sound effects (environmental sounds).
• Bird chirping has been added to the estate. Where it comes from, nobody quite knows.
• The Dynamic Music system has been optimized with several bugs being addressed.
• Reduced the volume of the “Delighted” animation.
• Reduced the volume of various MiniGolf elements.


• Lure gags now display how many rounds the 'lured' effect lasts, rather than damage.
• Toons can no longer start battles with Cogs while Sad.
• Fixed a bug that would cause an SOS Card not to be used if two players picked the same card, but one backed out of their choice.
• Fixed a bug where Toon placement in battles moves forward after Chief Justice battles.
• Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred in battles.


• The Cattlelog can now properly be closed by pressing the EXIT ACTIVITY key.
• Fixed a bug where the Applause animation’s mute button would not properly mute it.
• Gender restrictions for all furniture items in the Cattlelog have been removed.
• The “Gift” button now properly updates if a Toon’s jellybean count is updated while the Cattlelog is open.

Clothing & Accessories

• Toon Accessories are now considered integral DNA -- it’s as characteristic to a Toon as the shirt on their body or the species they are! Thanks to this, accessories now appear in more locations in-game where they didn’t before.
• Toons can now rotate in the wardrobe, similar to the accessory trunk.


• Mega-Invasions now come in waves, as in Toontown Online: a 3 hour invasion followed by a 3 hour cooldown before the next invasion starts.
• Fixed a rare bug where Cog Buildings would spawn presenting itself as a 1-story Cog Building but contain large waves of high levels Cogs.
• Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when unloading Cogs.

Cog HQ

• Adjusted crates in Cog HQs to be easier to push.
• Added server-side checks to prevent cheating in Cog Boss battles.
• The Obstacle Course GUI in Cashbot Mints now goes away when all players complete the course instead of waiting to timeout.
• Adjusted player spawn points for Toons arriving at Cashbot HQ and Lawbot HQ, preventing players from appearing in the path of Cogs.
• The Cog Paths in Cashbot HQ have been tweaked.
• Fixed an issue that made it hard to enter the Sellbot HQ Lobby doors with high framerates.
• Fixed a semi-rare issue that could trigger both Lawbot DA Office puzzles at the same time, instead of one.
• Fixed a soft-lock when trying to enter Cog Facility elevators without Laff.
• Fixed an issue that would cause parts of a Cog Facility to stop loading when changing camera perspectives.
• Fixed a crash that happens when you receive a Glad Hander summon at the end of a Chief Justice battle.

Goofy Speedway

• Fixed a bug allowing Toons to get out of bounds while racing. Those rolling hills may look fun, but stick to the track!
• Fixed a soft-lock after time runs out in a race.


• All Pick-a-Name names are now fully gender neutral.
• Fixed issues allowing players to click on things when they shouldn't in type-a-name.
• Fixed a bug where the Type-A-Name interface was interactable while a dialog box was onscreen.


• MiniGolf statistics will now be tracked past the max requirements for trophies.

Shticker Book

• The “Back to Playground” button now properly says “Back to Cog HQ” if it will return a player to a Cog HQ.
• Fixed the Shticker Book from appearing while in Cog Disguises after acknowledging some in-game prompts.


• Toons no longer slow down when pressing the walk key while airborne. Physics strike back against the rebels!
• Toons are now teleported to the nearest playground if they end up outside of one while sad.
• Added checks to make sure Toons have an accessory trunk, wardrobe, and jellybean bank. If you’re missing one, you’ll be mailed a replacement right away!

Toontown’s Cartoonival

• ToonFest has been renamed to Toontown's Cartoonival, and game assets have been updated to reflect the name change. These changes will be present next year.
• If you’re a new Toon who hasn’t visited their Estate, Token Takers will now prompt you to do so to make it more clear how to purchase prizes.


• The Slingshot Game now ends early if every player has the max score.
• Fixed a crash in Ice Slide when the key used to confirm your launch trajectory was pressed while the minigame was loading.
• Deer and Crocodile Toons now appear in Photo Fun.
• Toons in Photo Fun now don the latest in accessory fashion. Take your photo shoots to the next level!


• Added an option in the Experimental Video menu to remove the 512x512 texture resolution cap. This is still unstable on Windows machines with Intel HD graphics, which we’re still working on.
• Added a new, optimized cannon model with an updated texture.
• Improved the appearance of several building and nametag fonts.
• Screenshots are now saved as PNG files rather than JPG files, increasing the quality of the screenshots.
• Hiding the GUI with F3 now hides the FPS counter.
• Addressed the stretched appearance of the Racing countdown text.
• Fixed a visual bug with the Overjoyed Laff Meters Silly Team Reward, which sometimes inaccurately displayed Max Laff Points.
• Addressed a bug where Animation Smoothing would be disabled in certain cases despite being enabled in the Options Menu.
• Fixed an issue where the sky would appear to move when jumping in certain playgrounds.
• Fixed overlapping text in the “Stop Ignoring” prompt.
• Fixed an issue with the quick Gag Page where Gag track information could overwrite the Cog XP progress box.
• Fixed an issue that caused track info to get stuck on the Gag page in the Shtickerbook.
• Fixed an issue where your Toon would be briefly visible in “the grey” while moving between doors. Thank you, Prepostera!

December 22, 2020 [ttr-live-v2.7.1]


• Fixed a bug where Community Partners did not show up as such when viewing their profile in a different area.
• Toons no longer lose speed when pressing the walk key mid-air. Actually, this time!
• Fixed various cases of Content Packs not being applied or applied correctly.
• Implemented stability enhancements for lower-end machines using an Intel Integrated GPU.
• Addressed various GUI related bugs introduced in ttr-live-v2.7.0.
• Fixed multiple bugs and crashes throughout Toontown.
• Removed Laff limit from the Sellbot Factory side entrance.


• Implemented a fix for a long-standing bug where Anti-Aliasing would not be applied.
• Addressed a visual bug where streets would have improper lighting during Halloween and Winter holidays.
• In ToonTasks given by HQ Officers, a random Toon head is now used on the ToonTask scroll.
• Accessories will no longer display on the Toon statue preview in the Cattlelog.