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This page contains an archive of every update for Toontown Rewritten. Click the links below to see what was added to Toontown each year.


This page lists the release notes for Toontown Rewritten during the year of 2021. It will be updated as the year progresses.


April 1, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.0]


• Added two all-new Trolley games -- “Spotlight Search” and “Doodle Roundup”!
• Removed the long-standing "ghost dock" issue prevalent throughout all of Toontown. The only ghost that we need is the ghost ship in Donald's Dock!
• Doctor Surlee re-stabilized the Toon-space Contoonuum, and all shopkeepers have been reverted back to their appearance in v2.6.8. Shep Ahoy is happy to be a horse once more!
• Gag Shop Clerks will no longer ask you "Need more time to think?" before the timer reaches zero, causing your Toon to get stuck.
• Fixed a bug where partially obscured NPC chat bubbles would be un-clickable, and force you to interact with the chat on the HUD. Now, NPC chat bubbles must be fully obscured before they appear on the HUD.
• Facility Cogs no longer all talk over each other when you enter a facility battle.
• When creating a new Toon in the Toontorial, you will no longer receive start-up messages from the game (invasion messages, special event messages, etc.)
• Fixed a bug where large versions of Content Pack icons would occasionally flash on-screen when starting the game.
• Addressed loading issues with tunnel street signs.
• Fixed over a dozen different crash issues across the game.

April Toons Week

• There's no predicting what silliness might happen during April Toons Week! Loony Labs gave us a list of their predictions, which means at least *some* of the release notes in this section are real... Which ones? We'll let you be the judge of that!
• Fluffy has arrived with an all-new ToonTask, featuring the Emergency Cream Pie Pack as a reward! A Toon named Wess designed this accessory as part of our Accessory Design Contest at a previous in-person ToonFest!
• Fluffy has also dug up some old supplies of the Cog Buster outfit, and is offering a more challenging ToonTask in exchange for it.
• Re-implemented the long-standing “ghost dock” issue prevalent throughout all of Toontown.
• Repurposed ghost docks for dock parkour, or as we like to call it, “dockour”.
• Created a randomly-appearing bouncy beach ball for Playground fun. Don’t let it bounce away!
• The Donald’s Dreamland pillow is now accessible -- and acts as a giant trampoline!
• Donald’s Dock has been drained! Too bad for that ghost ship...
• De-stabilized the dock-time continuum.
• All ponds are now a perfectly reflective mirror. This requires high-end ray-tracing capable hardware.


• Implemented an auto-jump option. When you run towards a ledge, your Toon will automatically time their jump perfectly with this option turned on!
• Implemented an all-new ring model in the Ring Game to improve visibility for vision-impaired players.


• Upgraded all Cog emblems across the game to appear at a higher quality.
• Upgraded the iconic pie model with a higher-quality texture and general fixes.
• Implemented an updated “giant jellybean” model with higher quality textures, which is used in the Trampoline game at parties.


• Added a new music track that plays during the C.F.O. crane tutorial.
• Added a new music track that plays during the C.F.O. battle.


• Fixed a long-standing error when accepting Toon Rewrites, Game Rentals, and certain other items from the mailbox.
• When the Speedy Garden Growth Silly Team is active, trees and flowers will no longer become stuck.
• If your house is missing a phone due to a glitch, one will automatically be sent to you in the mail.
• In the Estate Cannons mini-game, landing in the pond will no longer cause your Toon to get stuck.
• Girl Toons will no longer be sent an extra Closet in the mail.
• Addressed an issue that would cause accessories to disappear.
• Fixed various estate and gardening related issues.

Goofy Speedway

• Parking spots will no longer break after a Toon disconnects unexpectedly.
• Implemented a fix for the long-standing issue that would cause the Grand Prix to not start.

Known Bugs

• Some AMD graphics cards have been experiencing flickering black textures in-game for the past several months. A fix has been made on the engine level, and will be available in Toontown Rewritten in a future update soon.
• As of the 2.7.0 update, the ability for Content Packs to include custom battle music for each area has bugged, and sometimes custom textures are applied inconsistently. We’re aware of this bug and a fix will be available in a future update.

April 6, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.0b]

• Over the past few days, we've released several smaller hotfixes to the game. To make it easier for YOU to keep track of, we're going to start adding a letter to game versions that have been hotfixed. Welcome to ttr-live-v2.8.0b!


• Sometimes, the game insists that the 'Server is temporarily unavailable' when you can see people running around. This long-standing issue has been fixed!
• When in Chip n' Dale's MiniGolf, the Shticker Book's map used to offer you to go "Back to Cog HQ." While Acorn Acres is certainly like no other Playground, it's not a Cog HQ. The button now properly offers to go "Back to Playground."
• Ever seen your friends teleport around while running in Trolley Games? How about a jittery crane in the C.F.O. Battle? We've improved our smoothing in a bunch of areas around town.
• Fixed a rare crash related to entering Cog elevators.
• The Photo Album in your Shticker Book got several improvements to reduce crashing.
• While Cog Goons and Karts may be two totally different things, neither of them were always cleaning up properly. That ends today!
• "Stop using deprecated methods!", our log files once said. Those requests have been silenced, making log files easier to read.
• While dynamic music is nice when jumping in water, it would sometimes leave your music shockingly quiet. Music levels are now more consistent.
• A certain someone in Loony Labs slipped on multiple banana peels in a row, breaking the Silly Stats page. The damage has been repaired!


• The recently added auto-jump feature will now jump over small obstacles like the lava in Cashbot Mints.

April 8, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.0c]


• Addressed several cases of district reset bugs.
• Rejoice! Teleporting to friends that are running down a Street while in a different District will no longer send you to the grey. While that's quite the setup, this happened more than you'd think.
• Teleporting to a friend in your Estate exterior from your house's interior will no longer remove you from the estate. While that's also quite the setup, this also happened more than you'd think!
• You'll no longer get stuck if you talk to a Shopkeeper within a second of another Toon talking to them.


• Toon Tag, the game that started it all, has gotten some significant improvements to make the gameplay smoother. Other Toons should no longer jitter around, and tagging should feel more consistent.
• Pink collision nodes no longer appear in Cog Thief. While we'd like to say that was just Fruit Pie filling, Cog Thief uses the Gag Shop's finest Cream Pies.

April 11, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.1]


• Fixed an obscure crash related to switching between Districts.


• The Evil Golf Balls have retreated from Toontown, and MiniGolf is now fixed! You should no longer experience physics-defying shenanigans on the MiniGolf courses.
• Added a beautiful blue sky and clouds to every MiniGolf course. Pesky Grey, go away!

April 11, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.1a]

No release notes were provided, however this minor update fixed crashes that were introduced in ttr-live-v2.8.1.

April 13, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.1b]


• Addressed the long-standing issue of Cattlelog notifications going off too often, hopefully for the last time.
• Fixed a long-standing bug from Toontown Online that would cause the "Ready for Promotion!" text to appear after battles before ready for promotion.
• Fixed a crash related to accepting or denying an incoming friend request too quickly.
• Fixed a crash related to inspecting a Toon who proceeds to leave the area while you're in a boarding group.
• Fixed an issue where "ghost" Toons & Cogs could appear when switching Districts.
• Actually fixed the District switching related crash we tried to fix in v2.8.1.
• The Cog Icons changed in v2.8.0 have been changed to be more content pack friendly.

April 17, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.2]


• Content Pack Creators: We've made it easier to replace battle music tracks in various parts of Toontown. For the full list, check out!
• Animation Smoothing or "smooth-frames" has been moved out of experimental settings and is now enabled by default!
• Pressing SHIFT + F6 will now properly bring up the latency timer. This was broken due to an oversight in the Options Update!
• Attempting to change districts in the Toontorial will no longer cause a crash.
• Addressed an edge-case that would cause a crash when changing the window mode fails.
• The ENTER key now properly confirms certain popup boxes.
• Addressed an edge-case that would allow for Toons to run around with the report dialog box open.
• Fixed a typo in the Options Menu help text.

Cog Boss Battles

• The grunt when the Sellbot V.P. yells "Attack!" is now audible.
• Cog Bosses now properly use the Boss grunt sound effect rather than the Skelecog grunt sound effect.

Cog Facilities

• When entering a new floor of the D.A. Office or a Cog Golf Course, the floor number will now appear briefly.
• The red moles from Mole Stomp have been given a stern talking to, and will now always pop out enough that the game is winnable.
• When a player disconnects while midair from stepping on a friendly mole, they will no longer cause others to crash.


• Moving blocks and the Windmill will no longer "jump back" after taking a shot, making timing your shots more consistent.
• Addressed an issue that would cause the game to briefly get stuck after Toons with high latency finish their turn.


• In Spotlight Search, spectating the searching Toon should now appear smoother.
• Getting caught in Spotlight Search right as the game ends will no longer cause a crash.
• Optimized models in Spotlight Search.
• Toons now properly display a drop shadow in Spotlight Search.
• In Doodle Roundup, the appearance of all doodles is now consistent across everyone's screens.
• Tweaked randomization of teams in Doodle Roundup to reduce chances of identical teams.

Kart Racing

• Addressed two crashes related to Kart Racing.

April 24, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.2a]


• Implemented a "High Contrast Nametags" accessibility option! This darkens the foreground of all name tags.

Cog Facilities

• Various Sound Effects in the Sellbot Factory are now properly considered Ambient Sound Effects in the Options Menu.

Content Packs

• We are intending to remove the True Friends button in a future game update. While we're not shipping this change right now, we're giving Content Pack creators time to prepare.
• To remove the True Friends button from your Content Pack, update all of your Toon Panel related assets to accommodate the lack of the button using the art assets provided at Then, create an empty file called "noTrueFriends.ttr" in the root of your phase_3 folder to test the changes in-game.
• More customization has been added for music across the game! To see all of the new changes, check out in your web browser.
• Added the ability for Content Packs to specify battle music for the inside of Cog Facilities, alongside some cleanup to repeated tracks in Boss Battles. To see the updated guide to Battle Music, check out in your web browser.


• On the jukebox, the Toontown Rewritten Theme has a more accurate song ending point.

April 24, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.2b]

No release notes were provided, however this minor update allegedly fixed a crash related to content packs.

April 25, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.2c]


• Fixed a rare crash when clicking "Exit Toontown" in the Shticker Book.
• Fixed an issue where "Ghost" Toons or Cogs could remain on screen after changing Districts. Owoooo, spooky!

Content Packs

• Fixed a crash when applying Content Pack changes after closing the settings window.


• Fixed an issue where players were rewarded the score of the opposite team in Doodle Roundup.
• Addressed a framerate hitch in Toon Slingshot caused by excessive log file entries.


May 3, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.2d]


• Fixed a rare client crash when leaving a street.
• Fixed a crash caused by the Street Props during the Silly Meter's "Active" phase.

Content Packs

• Addressed a crash caused by reloading Content Packs while changing areas.


• Fixed an issue preventing your Doodle from returning to your estate if you teleported to a friend's estate in another District.
• Houses will no longer cause a District reset in rare circumstances.

Goofy Speedway

• Fixed a rare crash that would occur when hopping off the starting block.

May 4, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.2e]


• Addressed a macOS-specific issue that could cause nametags and chat bubbles to disappear from the window edges.
• Fixed a macOS-specific crash caused by using the furniture editor in certain circumstances.

May 6, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.2f]


• All Cheesy Effects will now appear in Toontown Central! This was originally not the case as a holdover from Toontown Online's membership system.
• Fixed a rare crash related to the Options Menu.
• Fixed a crash related to closing the SOS Cards menu.
• The "Debug Info" and "Debug Screenshot" keybinds now display the client's minor revision letter.

Silly Meter

• Fixed an issue introduced with v2.8.0 that prevented your Silly Stats from correctly recording in the Shticker Book. Don't worry, your contributions still counted!
• Fixed a rare crash when clicking "Teleport to Toon Hall" in the Shticker Book.

May 14, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.3]


• Addressed a crash when writing a log file while system storage is full.
• Fixed a crash in the Toontorial related to remaining idle in the Flunky Cog battle.
• Patched an obscure client crash when entering the elevator or golf kart in D.A. Offices or Cog Golf Courses respectively.


• Implemented a potential fix for disappearing houses in the Estate. Let us know if your house disappears again!
• Fixed a bug that would cause Doodles of non-mutual friends of friends to appear when they teleport to your estate.


• Addressed several crashes related to the Fish Bingo event.


June 7, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.4]


• Updated the SpeedChat+ Dictionary to include more inclusive terms! We want YOUR feedback on the changes we've made, so feel free to send your feedback to

Cog Facilities

• Adjusted the collision surrounding doors and elevators to stop Toons from entering the grey at high framerates.
• Added a homage to one of the most iconic video game bugs of all time to the Sellbot Factory.

June 17, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.4a]

No release notes were provided, however this minor update fixed a crash that occurred when dragging furniture far out-of-bounds in a Toon's house.

June 27, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.9.0]


• Sprinting has been added to Toontown! Just double-tap the forward movement key and your Toon will run faster until you let go.
• The base movement speed of Toons has been boosted by 5 percent.
• True Friends has been removed from the Toon Details Panel.
• Reworked Cast Member and Staff badges with a higher quality model and texture.
• Made various additions and changes to the Toontown Dictionary.


• Overhauled the reward requirements for Kart Racing and MiniGolf trophies.
• A confetti-filled fanfare will now appear when obtaining all trophies in Fishing, Kart Racing, MiniGolf, or Gardening.
• Earning every trophy in Fishing, Kart Racing, MiniGolf, or Gardening will now reward you with a unique outfit themed around the activity. Collect them all!
• If you've already gotten all trophies in an activity or accidentally deleted the outfit, just complete the activity one more time and the reward will be re-sent to your mailbox.


• Newly purchased Nametags are now added to your Wardrobe! After you purchase a new one, your old one can be re-selected at any time.
• The mailbox now sends accepted clothing, accessories, and nametags to the wardrobe/trunk by default.
• There's a new button added to the mailbox to wear clothing, accessories, and nametags right away.
• Added revamped clothes based on Racing, MiniGolf, Fishing, and Gardening to the various Cattlelog series. Try to collect them all throughout the year!
• The "Red Fez" accessory has been retextured at a higher quality. A certain Jester has gotten an orange version for himself...


• Butterflies and Fireflies have migrated to the Estate!
• Cog Invasion!!! The airplane has returned to the skies of Toon Estates.
• Added new Estate options to the Cattlelog, which will be available in your next issue:
• House exteriors, a cut concept from Toontown Online, have been polished up and implemented!
• Houses are seasonal, with the first release being the "Cherry On Top" Cupcake House from June til' the end of August.
• The Moon has overturned the Sun's rule over Toon Estates -- now you can purchase different time of day options for your Estate!
• Cleaned up estate code and addressed some estate-related crashes.

Kart Racing

• Kart handling has been overhauled to be more fun to drive! Please give us your thoughts on these changes by emailing
• You can press the Walk key (defaults to SHIFT) to honk your horn. Coming through!
• Adjusted Kart networking code to reduce the "jittering" seen with other Toons in races.

June 27, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.9.1]

No release notes were provided, however this minor update fixed a crash related to name tags in a Toon's wardrobe.

June 27, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.9.2]

No release notes were provided, however this minor update attempted to address performance issues related to estates.

June 29, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.9.3]

No release notes were provided, however this minor update fixed a client crash when accepting party invitations, and slightly tweaked networking for racing.

June 30, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.9.3a]

No release notes were provided, however this minor update introduced synchronization to the estate airplane.


July 7, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.9.4]


• Addressed a rare crash related to losing connection while initiating a sprint.


• Obtaining all Gardening Trophies will now properly reward you with a fanfare and an exclusive outfit.
• Fixed a bug that caused the "Gift From" text to not appear when receiving a gift in the mailbox.