Rabbit racing
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Railroad Icon
Basic information
Level: 7
Accuracy: Perfect
Preceded by:
[[File:TNT Icon.png|center|50x50px|link=]]


Succeeded by:


The Railroad is the level seven Trap gag. Like all level seven gags, after Toons obtain 10,000 skill points in Trap, the skill points meter converts to "500 to Go!", it cannot be obtained in Gag Shops, and the Toon can only use it once before having to earn another 500 points to obtain another. It succeeds the TNT.


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  • The Chief Financial Officer is run over by a train after the battle, which is similar to this gag.
  • The Railroad is the strongest gag, dealing 195 damage normally and 214 damage when organic.
  • When organic, the Railroad will destroy level 12 Cogs in one hit. This is the only gag that will instantly destroy a level 12 on its own.
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