Race Game
Basic information
Time limit: 20 seconds per round
Number of Toons: 3-4 Toons
Minimum jellybeans: 25 jellybeans
Maximum jellybeans: 38 jellybeans
Race Game soundtrack

Race Game is a trolley game. It can be played with 3 or more Toons.


The objective is to reach the finish line first. For every round, Toons must pick a number between one through four on a die. If any Toon chooses the same number as another Toon, they will not advance. Toons must choose a different number that nobody else has chosen in order to advance. The number chosen will be the number of spaces that Toon will advance. 

Scattered around the board are question marks which activate an event. When a Toon lands on a question mark, they pick up a card from the top of a card pile. It may read:

  • [Toon's Name] goes forward/backward (#) of spaces!
  • [Toon's Name] wins automatically!
  • [Toon's Name] is one fabulous Toon!


Control Action
Left click  Select dice



  • This game was released on November 1, 2013.[1]
  • It is a running gag in the community that Race Game is the most desired game. This is most likely due to it being Slate Blue Rabbit's favorite game.
  • This is the most unlikely game to get, as it takes 3 or more Toons to play this game.
  • There are fourteen spaces in total on the course.
  • It is unknown why this game requires 3 Toons or more, as 2 Toons is sufficient to have a race.


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