The blueprint of the Portable Hole

The Portable Hole Network is a feature in Toontown Rewritten. It allows Toons to teleport to every playground of Toontown. "Portable Hole" is the official name for the holes that Toons use to teleport, but they are commonly referred to as "Teleport Holes". It was originally invented by Gyro Gearloose in Toontown Online, but in Toontown Rewritten, Doctor Surlee "invented" the Portable Hole.

Toons will have to complete ToonTasks to gain teleport access to every playground. After completing a ToonTask for that playground, you can teleport to that playground by clicking the playground on the Map page in the Shticker Book. Walking to Goofy Speedway and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres automatically gives you teleport access to both playgrounds respectively.

Getting Teleport Access

Teleport Access usually needs to be turned on by a shopkeeper or HQ Officer. You get ToonTasks for Teleport Access from the following:

Teleportation Bypasses


The blueprint of the teleportation bypasses

"The mumpkatron can handle it. Probably."
Doctor Surlee

The "Portable Hole" Network Bypasses were invented by Doctor Surlee to go to certain areas of the playgrounds and Cog headquarters by saying certain SpeedChat phrases. This was a secret route that led to Lawbot Headquarters before the tunnel in The Brrrgh, Polar Place opened. Doctor Surlee was put on trial by the Chief Justice for creating these bypasses against the wishes of the Toon Council.

Tip: You can check your Toon's coordinates by hitting Shift + F1 on a PC or Function + Shift + F1 on a Mac.

Location Coordinates Trigger Notification Destination Notification
Donald's Dock Playground (-23, 5)

The island in the middle of the playground.

"Bring it on!"
Welcome, Dr. Surlee! You are on route to ARTIE CHOKE'S NECKTIES
Inside Kooky Cineplex on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central.
Toontown Central Playground (93, -106)

In the water fountain, right by where Silly Street begins.

"I like this game!"
Welcome, Doctor Surlee! You are on your way to see KOOKY CINEPLEX
(2.5, 11.5)

Inside The Precipitation Foundation (Professor Flake) on Polar Place, in The Brrrgh.

The Brrrgh Playground (-111, -41)

Close to Fisherman Frizzy on the big mound of snow.

"Follow me."
Hi, Doctor Surlee! Sending you to DR. FRET'S DENTISTRY
(2.5, 11.5)

Somewhere in the grey void.

(Inside Dr. Fret's Dentistry (Dr. Fret) on Alto Avenue in Minnie's Melodyland.)

Minnie's Melodyland Playground (0, -20)

In the middle of the fishing pond.

"I found what you need."
Hello, Doctor Surlee! Taking you to the PRECIPITATION FOUNDATION
Inside Artie Choke's Neckties (Artie) on Elm Street in Daisy Gardens.
Daisy Gardens Playground (1, 91)

In the middle of the hedge maze. Also a good place for a giant flower.

"Don't wait for me."
Good afternoon, Doctor Surlee! Setting destination to the LULLABY LIBRARY
Inside Lullaby Library (Behind Drowsy Dennis's counter) in the Donald's Dreamland Playground.
Donald's Dreamland Playground (48, -96)

In front of the Trolley.

Good evening, Dr. Surlee! You are on route to CHIP 'N DALE'S MINIGOLF
(106.3, 69.2)

Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf

Put all the notifications' numbers together to form the next coordinates.
Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres Playground (-46, -140)

The nothing that the dirt road leads to at the edge of the Playground. This dirt road is close to the Playground's Geyser.

"Go for the weakest Cog first."
Greetings, Doctor Surlee. You will soon arrive at SELLBOT HQ.
Sellbot HQ Courtyard
Do you think they're going too far?
Sellbot Headquarters Courtyard (39, -37)

Close to the entrance to Sellbot Towers, in front of the Cog statue closer to the entrance to the Sellbot Factory area.

"You should choose a different Cog."
Greetings, Doctor Surlee. You are now going to CASHBOT HQ.
Cashbot HQ Train Yard
Well there's certainly no stopping them now.
Cashbot Headquarters Train Yard (-78, -134)

To the left of the train yard, on the middle red train tracks. The 3rd set of tracks away from the tunnel to Pajama Place, Donald's Dreamland.

"Save your powerful gags."
Greetings, Doctor Surlee. Taking you to ERROR: UNKNOWN LOCATION
Lawbot HQ Courtyard
They are indeed quite clever.
Perhaps, however I don't believe they realize what they have unfolded.
I don't think you have either.
???? (20, -03)
Starting on March 3, 2015, much after the Lawbot HQ ARG on June 26, 2014.
Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf (64, 111)

In the middle of the 3 trees close to the tunnel to the Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres Playground. When entering the golf area from the Playground, the trees should be to your left.

Resistance Salute (animation) Bossbot HQ Courtyard
  • Before the release of Bossbot Headquarters, it was unknown where the last bypass on the blueprint leads or if it existed. There may have been a possibility that it would have lead to Bossbot Headquarters, but turns out that it didn't.
  • Activating the "Portable Hole" Network Bypass to Bossbot Headquarters (discovered May 3, 2015) doesn't give you a notification like the others, but you do get a notification saying you been granted access to the banquet.
  • The bypass to Bossbot Headquarters was found via an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) on involving various Cog Memos.
    See also: ARG: MINGLERMAIL Memo Management


  • In Toontown Online, Gyro Gearloose invented the Portable Hole, but in Toontown Rewritten, Doctor Surlee "invented" the Portable Hole.
  • In the June 26, 2014 blog post, Doctor Surlee escaped the Lawbot Courthouse in the middle of his trial with another teleportation bypass. The trigger was "I'll be back later!", but this never worked in the game. It is also unknown what place this trigger would take you to.
  • When using the bypasses to the cog headquarters, the bypasses give you cryptic messages. These remarks are likely from the two voices from the To Whom it May Concern blog post.
  • The teleportation bypasses stopped working in-game some time before July 25, 2014. The exact date the bypasses stopped working is unknown.
  • On August 26, 2014, when Doctor Surlee was in Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf, he said "I had some teleportation holes, but the Toon Council took them down. I hope none of you used them!"
  • The "Hole" Story trading card from Toontown Online uses the same technobabble as the front of Doctor Surlee's Portable Hole blueprint.
  • It was said by Sir Max that all the locations were only a piece to the puzzle of the teleportation bypasses, but the puzzle itself has not been solved yet.
  • In the 1980's, the movie "Who Framed Rodger Rabbit" introduced the Teleport Hole, making Toons today use it.[citation needed]
  • According to Doctor Surlee's blueprint, the way the Portable Holes work is a Toon jumps into a hole, springs onto a trampoline, and comes out flying out of the other hole.




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Blog Posts

Posted by Court Records Archive on June 26, 2014 04:06 PM
I've been informed to tell you that your next case has arrived.

Excellent. Trial name?

It's the Doctor.

Ohohoho, we indeed have a case on our hands. Have you began the court records?

I'm typing them as we speak.

Strike that from the records. Bring me my robes, and a new Cog to write them. Set the encryption to A=07 B=12.

Hgzo mzh hgzo.

Pghmy'i jombqzc bonboiozpi pjo vqbip amio gv m Pggz gz pbqml kqpj algio pqoi pg pjo Pggz Boiqipmzao mzh Mzpq-Agc Sgdosozpi, pjo qzvmsgwi qzdozpgb HGAPGB IWBLOO.

Kjmp qz pjo zmso gv -- Gj, vgb pjo lgdo gv Kmlp. Nobvoap.

Ygw jmdo pjo bqcjp pg bosmqz iqlozp, Pggz. Zgk, mll bqio vgb pjo vmqb mzh jgzgbmtlo Ajqov Xwipqao.

Ozgwcj, ozgwcj. Iqp hgkz mzh cop tmae pg kgbe.

Jollg, Ajqov!

Uwqop, Hgapgb Iwbloo. Ygw'do tooz ajmbcoh kqpj dqglmpqzc pjo Pggz Agwzaql'i polongbpmpqgz boipbqapqgzi mzh abompqzc ygwb gkz tynmiioi qzpg pjo "Ngbpmtlo Jglo" zopkgbe. Jgk hg ygw nlomh?

Qv Q imy cwqlpy, amz Q cg jgso iggzob?

Ygwb xgeoi kgz'p imdo ygw jobo, Hgapgb.

Jgk amz ygw odoz nwp so gz pbqml? Pjo Agwzaql qiz'p jobo, lop mlgzo kgwlh pjoy mcboo kqpj cgqzc vgbpj kqpj pjqi.

GDOB-BWLOH! Tmaeipmttob, tbqzc gwp pjo odqhozao. Ko'll ipmbp kqpj m hqmby ozpby hmpoh Zgdostob 28pj, 1998. Tocqz bomhqzc.

Zgk jmzc gz--

"Hmy 37 gv pjo Bokbqppoz Ornobqsozp. Pjwi vmb, odobypjqzc jmi tooz cgqzc isggpjly. Q'do nlgnnoh pjo qhomi gv mll gv pjo zoqcjtgbjgghi qzpg pjoqb jomhi, mzh qp'i zombly vqzqijoh agzipbwapqgz! Gzao mcmqz, jgkodob, Pjo Pggz Agwzaql kgz'p cqdo qz gz polongbpmpqgz maaoii. 'Qp'i pgg hmzcobgwi', pjoy imy. 'Ko zooh pg bocwlmpo qp, pjoy imy.' Tmj, odoz kqpj pjo qhom mjomh gv pqso qp kgwlhz'p ajmzco pjoqb sqzhi. Iwboly, qp jmi igso eqzei jobo mzh pjobo. Sgiply jmbsloii, pjgwcj.

Gv agwbio... Pjmp'i kjmp pjoy pjgwcjp mtgwp pjo smajqzoi, pgg. Pjmp'i kjmp jo pjgwcjp mtgwp pjo smajqzoi. Pjoy kobo sgiply jmbsloii. Mzh lgge kjobo pjmp cgp jqs. Lgge kjobo pjmp cgp so. Odoby hmy, odoby jgwb, odoby ioagzh ko cop algiob pg pjo Oloapqgz. Qp'i 5 yombi mkmy yop Q ipqll amz'p cop qp gwp gv sy sqzh. Kqll Q odoz to mtlo pg kmpaj? Q jmdo pg, pjo ornobqsozp jmi pg cg gz. Q's zgp iwbo qv Q amz tomb pg ioo qp mcmqz. Q amz'p kmbz pjos, Q amz'p qzpobvobo. Pjo toip Q amz hg qi nbonmbo pjos. Smyto pjo Pbglloytgpi kqll joln kqpj pjmp, mzh pjoz mcmqz smyto pjoy kgz'p."

Ygw amz ipgn bomhqzc zgk.

Q'll jmdo zg hqiawiiqgz mi pjo odqhozao qi toqzc nboiozpoh, Hgapgb Iwbloo. Agzpqzwo, Tmaeipmttob.

"Q'do tooz uwoipqgzqzc syiolv lmpoly -- ijgwlh Q cg pjbgwcj kqpj qp? Qv qp koboz'p vgb pjos, ko kgwlhz'p jmdo smho pjo mhdmzaosozpi pjmp ko'do smho pghmy. Obb, bmpjob, 38 hmyi mcg. Twp qv qp koboz'p vgb pjos, jo kgwlh ipqll to jobo. Qv jo ezok kjmp jo kmi toqzc obmioh vgb, kgwlh jo pjqze qp qi kgbpj qp? Gz pjo gpjob jmzh, kqpjgwp pjo mhdmzaosozpi ko smy jmdo toagso lqeo pjo smajqzoi gwbioldoi. Pjo Pbglloy kgwlh cop bonopqpqdo, pjo cmci kgwlh cop glh... Vqcjpqzc pjos toamso m agssgz nmipqso gv Pggzpgkz. Kjoz Q amso tmae, pjgwcj, qp kmi pgg lmpo. Q's zgp smeqzc pjmp imso sqipmeo. Pjmp'i kjmp Q eoon pollqzc syiolv. Kjoz Q jmdo pg kmpaj jqs cg imh mcmqz -- toamwio gv SO -- Q jgno Q amz lqdo wn pg qp.

Bqcjp: Ngbpmtlo Jgloi. Pjo Pggz Agwzaql kgz'p lop pggzi polongbp mzykjobo kqpjgwp ombzqzc qp. Cggh vgb agsswzqpy iobdqao, Q iwnngio. Odoz pjoz, pjoy kgz'p lop pjos polongbp pg pjo lgaml tmbtob ijgn gb hbgn qz vgb m uwqae qao aboms agzo. Gzao mcmqz, Q jmh pg nwp sy gkz tynmiioi qz. Mcmqzip pjo bwloi? M lqpplo tqp. Qp qi sy qzdozpqgz, jgkodob. Pjo swsnempbgz amz jmzhlo qp. Nbgtmtly."

Cwqlpy mi ajmbcoh. Zgk, kjobo hqh ygw cop pjmp?...

Pjo Ajmqbsmz vgwzh uwqpo m vok pjqzci qz pjmp jwze gv sopml ygw amll m "Lmt". Kjqaj tbqzci so pg pjo zorp nqoao gv odqhozao, pjo tlwonbqzp.


Q ioo. Amz Q bouwoip pg jomb pghmy'i hmpo?

Pjo 26pj gv Xwzo.

Bqcjp. Pjmp smeoi iozio. Q kqij qp hqh, mapwmlly -- twp zg smppob. Pjo tlwonbqzp kgz'p hg ygw mzy cggh kqpjgwp pjo tm--


Gj, ygw jmdo pjo tmae mi koll.

Mp lgzc lmip, Hgapgb Iwbloo, Q IOZPOZAO YGW PG-

Jmzc gz, gzo sgbo pjqzc. Ygw ezgk pjo vwzzy nmbp gv pjqi, Q mapwmlly jmdo gzo gv pjgio tynmiioi bqcjp wn jobo mi koll. Ioo, Q xwip ipmzh wn bqcjp jobo...

Hgapgb Iwbloo, Q hosmzh-

Mzh mll Q jmdo pg imy...

Hgz'p pby qp.



"Q'll to tmae lmpob!"

M tlmae jglo pjoz nbgaoohoh pg mnnomb wzhob pjo voop gv pjo maawioh, pmeqzc jqs gwp gv iqcjp. Pjo iabomsqzc mvpobkmbhi jmi tooz ipbqeoh vbgs pjo boagbh ty gbhob gv pjo Ajqov Xwipqao.

Zg smppob, ko'll to mtlo pg agzdqap pjo Hgapgb iggz ozgwcj. Iozh pjo boagbhi pg pjo sohqm. Locml Omcloi, kjg qi zorp gz pjo hgaeop?

M tomb ty pjo zmso gv Twsny Twstlotojb, ygwb jgzgb.


Posted by Court Records Archive on June 26, 2014 04:06 PM

I've been informed to tell you that your next case has arrived.

Excellent. Trial name?

It's the Doctor.

Ohohoho, we indeed have a case on our hands. Have you began the court records?

I'm typing them as we speak.

Strike that from the records. Bring me my robes, and a new Cog to write them. Set the encryption to A=07 B=12.

Done and done.

Today's hearing represents the first case of a Toon on trial with close ties to the Toon Resistance and Anti-Cog Movements, the infamous inventor DOCTOR SURLEE.

What in the name of -- Oh, for the love of Walt. Perfect.

You have the right to remain silent, Toon. Now, all rise for the fair and honorable Chief Justice.

Enough, enough. Sit down and get back to work.

Hello, Chief!

Quiet, Doctor Surlee. You've been charged with violating the Toon Council's teleportation restrictions and creating your own bypasses into the "Portable Hole" network. How do you plead?

If I say guilty, can I go home sooner?

Your jokes won't save you here, Doctor.

How can you even put me on trial? The Council isn't here, let alone would they agree with going forth with this.

OVER-RULED! Backstabber, bring out the evidence. We'll start with a diary entry dated November 28th, 1998. Begin reading.

Now hang on--

"Day 37 of the Rewritten Experiment. Thus far, everything has been going smoothly. I've plopped the ideas of all of the neighborhoods into their heads, and it's nearly finished construction! Once again, however, The Toon Council won't give in on teleportation access. 'It's too dangerous', they say. 'We need to regulate it, they say.' Bah, even with the idea ahead of time it wouldn't change their minds. Surely, it has some kinks here and there. Mostly harmless, though.

Of course... That's what they thought about the machines, too. That's what he thought about the machines. They were mostly harmless. And look where that got him. Look where that got me. Every day, every hour, every second we get closer to the Election. It's 5 years away yet I still can't get it out of my mind. Will I even be able to watch? I have to, the experiment has to go on. I'm not sure if I can bear to see it again. I can't warn them, I can't interfere. The best I can do is prepare them. Maybe the Trolleybots will help with that, and then again maybe they won't."

You can stop reading now.

I'll have no discussion as the evidence is being presented, Doctor Surlee. Continue, Backstabber.

"I've been questioning myself lately -- should I go through with it? If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have made the advancements that we've made today. Err, rather, 38 days ago. But if it weren't for them, he would still be here. If he knew what he was being erased for, would he think it is worth it? On the other hand, without the advancements we may have become like the machines ourselves. The Trolley would get repetitive, the gags would get old... Fighting them became a common pastime of Toontown. When I came back, though, it was too late. I'm not making that same mistake. That's what I keep telling myself. When I have to watch him go sad again -- because of ME -- I hope I can live up to it.

Right: Portable Holes. The Toon Council won't let toons teleport anywhere without earning it. Good for community service, I suppose. Even then, they won't let them teleport to the local barber shop or drop in for a quick ice cream cone. Once again, I had to put my own bypasses in. Against the rules? A little bit. It is my invention, however. The mumpkatron can handle it. Probably."

Guilty as charged. Now, where did you get that?...

The Chairman found quite a few things in that hunk of metal you call a "Lab". Which brings me to the next piece of evidence, the blueprint.


I see. Can I request to hear today's date?

The 26th of June.

Right. That makes sense. I wish it did, actually -- but no matter. The blueprint won't do you any good without the ba--


Oh, you have the back as well.

At long last, Doctor Surlee, I SENTENCE YOU TO-

Hang on, one more thing. You know the funny part of this, I actually have one of those bypasses right up here as well. See, I just stand up right here...

Doctor Surlee, I demand-

And all I have to say...

Don't try it.



"I'll be back later!"

A black hole then proceeded to appear under the feet of the accused, taking him out of sight. The screaming afterwards has been striked from the record by order of the Chief Justice.

No matter, we'll be able to convict the Doctor soon enough. Send the records to the media. Legal Eagles, who is next on the docket?

A bear by the name of Bumpy Bumblebehr, your honor.


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