Loopy Lane Tunnel

Playgrounds are the safest central areas of neighborhoods. Playgrounds have tunnels in them that lead to the streets, which lead to different neighborhoods and Cog headquarters.


The neighborhoods are named by the order of where the Toons go for progression: Toontown Central, Donald's Dock, Daisy Gardens, Minnie's Melodyland, The Brrrgh, and Donald's Dreamland. There are two neighborhoods in which Toons do not have to complete ToonTasks in; Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres and Goofy Speedway. Another "playground" is the ToonFest Grounds, which is only accessible during annual ToonFest events.

Points of interest

Toon Headquarters

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A Toon Headquarters is the main Toon Building located in every playground and street. Toons may obtain ToonTasks from one of four HQ Officers inside.


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The Trolley is a locomotive that Toons can ride to play mini-games to earn more jellybeans. Up to four Toons can play, and there are some mini-games that can only be played with multiple Toons. Once a mini-game is finished, the Toon(s) then collect their rewards (jellybeans), and the Toon(s) have(/has) the choice to play another game or return to the playground. There are 17 Trolley games in total.

Goofy's Gag Shop

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Goofy's Gag Shop is a building where Toons can restock their gags by paying with jellybeans. Gag Shops can only be found in playgrounds.

Fishing pond

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The fishing pond is a small body of water in every playground. By standing on one of the docks, a Toon may fish to collect various types of fish. The fish can then be sold to fishermen in exchange for jellybeans. The small black shadows in the ponds represent fish, old boots, or jellybean jars. Toons may also fish here to complete ToonTasks.

Party gate

Each playground has a party gate that Toons can visit to plan their very own party. A party gate is manned by two party planners, in which Toons may speak to one of them to teleport to the party grounds and go through the process of creating a party.


  • During DoomsdayCogs invaded the Toontown Central playground, surprising audiences of the Toon Council Presidential Elections. This was the only time where the Cogs managed to invade the central area of a playground, but had been pushed back to the streets of Toontown ever since then.
  • The structure of Donald's Dreamland is essentially one big bed.
  • Donald Duck is the only owner of two playgrounds unlike other Disney characters.
  • There is an extra cloud on the map of Toontown just off the outskirts of Minnie's Melodyland, which had been confirmed to to be another playground.
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