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As the clock continues ticking and time runs by, things may start to become irrelevant within Toontown Rewritten. This page seems to have information on content that had been removed from Toontown.
PlayLine Time

The PlayLine on Toontown Rewritten.

The PlayLine was a systematic queue which allowed players to access Toontown Rewritten during Semi-Open Beta. The PlayLine queue was added along with PlayTime to prevent the game server from crashing too often. The queue required you to wait a set amount of time before you are able to access the game for a set period of six hours despite whether you are playing or not. The PlayLine and PlayTime were not usable while the player had access to the game, you had to wait until your time ran out to rejoin the queue. If you tried to join the PlayLine or PlayTime queues with access to the game, the page would tell you how many minutes of PlayTime you had left before you lost access to the game and were able re-enter the queue.

The alternative method to accessing the game was by booking a PlayTime. This ensured you were aware of when you were able to play. The only other alternative was by redeeming a Beta Key on the website. This granted you access to Toontown Rewritten whenever desired.


  • The PlayLine has significantly improved since it was released. Previously in some occassions you would be forced to wait around sixty hours to play for three hours, which was permanently risen to six hours following Double Access Weekend.
  • The average PlayLine wait is approximately three hours, however be aware this may rise during peak hours. You must then wait a further 30 minutes which signifies you have reached the 'final stretch' in the PlayLine.
  • The page refreshes the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) every 2 minutes (previously every 45 seconds). There is no need to refresh the actual page, as refreshing the page manually will cause you to lose your spot in PlayLine (but if you come back before 15 minutes, you can get your place in line back).
  • The PlayLine was withdrawn on September 19, 2014 at 2PM (PDT).


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