If you are looking for the signature attack for Downsizers, see Pink Slip (Downsizer).

A Pink Slip (commonly known as a Fire) ​is a reward which can be obtained by Toons who defeat the Chief Executive Officer. They can be used to "fire a Cog out of a cannon" out of the battle.

The damage towards the Cog is the same as their maximum remaining health; for example, a Level 5 Cog in full health would receive 42 damage. Pink Slips, if used against Version 2.0 Cogs, will destroy both the outer suit and the Skelecog. You can carry a maximum of 255 Pink Slips, therefore defeating the CEO would reward no Pink Slips. The number of Pink Slips being carried is displayed in the "Gag" section of the Shticker Book. The number of rewarded Pink Slips is randomized between one to five. Additionally, they take priority over all Gag Tracks, excluding Doodles.[citation needed]


  • A Pink Slip is one of the two attacks capable of defeating a Level 12 Cog in a single hit.
    • The other is an organic Railroad gag, however this also requires Lure to be used.
  • Originally in the Test Server for Toontown Online, a Cupcake was used to activate the cannon.
  • This is the only attack which doesn't cause the Cog to malfunction and explode.
  • Coach Zucchini once said "You're Fired!" while using a Pink Slip, quoting the phrase used within international versions of the television show 'The Apprentice''.
  • It is unknown why 255 is the maximum number of Pink Slips you can have.[1]

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