Paula Behr
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My name is Paula, Paula Behr. I loved the winter weather so much, that I managed to get myself my own white coat of fur last year from Slappy Quackintosh himself.
―Paula Behr[src]

Paula Behr is a bear NPC Toon who works at Hibernation Vacations on Polar Place in The Brrrgh. If a Toon greets her with "Howdy!", she will allow the Toon to retrieve a special white color for one hour, while in The Brrrgh.


  • Paula Behr is a pun on "Polar Bear".
  • Paula Behr is the only bear shopkeeper in the game. She is also one of two white shopkeepers, the other being Eddie the Yeti.
  • It is unknown what Paula Behr's original color was before she turned white. It is known, however, that she retrieved her white color from Slappy when he delivered Polar Bears.
  • According to Paula Behr, she was one of the few Polar Bears who survived Doomsday with laff to spare, but all of her Polar Bear friends were never seen again after the dreaded attack.

Originally Posted by joey19982 (Sir Max) on 04-26-2014
Slappy won the election in TTO as well. By voting for Slappy people thought they would change the future of Toontown, however they chose the exact same path that the toons before them chose. You changed the wrong variables. If Flippy had won, though... The outcome may not have been much, much worse.
There is a reason that Paula Bear is the only known Polar Bear in TTO.


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