The Toontown Central party gate.

A party gate allows Toons to enter the party grounds when joining one's party, which can be found in all playgrounds except for Goofy Speedway and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres. Toons can also host their own parties from the party gate by visiting one of the two Party Planner Toons beside the gate.


The party gate looks like a party hat with two arms stretching out. One hand is holding balloons and the other one is fireworks. On the party hat, there is a cave like tunnel. Above the cave-like tunnel, there is a clock that reveals the Toontown Time (Pacific).


Toons can host parties by walking up to a Party Planner Toon and they will ask if you want to host a party. The price to host a party is 100 jellybeans. Once you pay the 100 jellybeans, you will be sent to a party planner system, allowing you to decorate your party however you would like. Once you schedule a date and a time, you will be asked if you want it to be public or private. If private, you can select the Toons who will be coming to your party. If public, any Toon may come to your party.

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