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A Toon with organic Throw.

Organic gags are extra powerful gags that are grown on gag trees through gardening. The accuracy (for Lure), healing factor (for Toon-Up) or damage output (for other gags) of organic gags, when used in battle, is increased. Organic gags for any track are identified by bolded numbers from the gags menu; hovering over a specific gag of a track also details how much additional damage has been applied to that gag.

As of an update on March 10, 2020, organic gags can be identified by that gag having an orange background behind them on a player's own gag menu or when looking at another Toon's gags. When a gag is selected in battle, there will be a white glow around the gag's icon to indicate their organic status.

Gag boosts

OrganicGagsIndicator Battle

An organic Whole Cream Pie being used in battle.

For non-Lure gags, the damage output (or healing factor) can be expressed in the following ways:

  • Increasing the damage value by 10%, and then rounding down the result. If the damage is x, this can be expressed as$ \lfloor 1.1x \rfloor $.
  • Removing the last digit of the damage output, and adding the remaining number to the original damage (e.g. for a gag dealing 180 damage, the new damage would be 198:$ \color{Orange}18\color{black}0 + \color{Orange}18\color{black} = 198 $).

It is important to note that for gags dealing damage of less than 10, the added damage output would be 1, and not 0, as the above methods imply.

For organic Lure gags, accuracy is increased by 10 percentage points (e.g. 50% → 60%).


The following charts display the organic gag's damage when first obtained and when maxed. Damage of intermediate steps can be calculated according to the methods above.

Megaphone Toon-Up healing factor Organic Toon-Up healing factor
Feather 8-10 9-11
Megaphone 15-18 16-19
Lipstick 27-30 29-33
Bamboo Cane 40-45 44-49
Pixie Dust 60-70 66-77
Juggling Cubes 90-120 99-132
High Dive 210 231
TNT Trap damage Organic Trap damage
Banana Peel 10-12 11-13
Rake 18-20 19-22
Marbles 30-35 33-38
Quicksand 45-50 49-55
Trapdoor 60-70 66-77
TNT 90-180 99-198
Railroad 195 214
Big Magnet Lure accuracy Organic Lure accuracy
$1 Bill 50% 60%
Small Magnet 50% 60%
$5 Bill 60% 70%
Big Magnet 60% 70%
$10 Bill 70% 80%
Hypno Goggles 70% 80%
Presentation 90% 100%
Foghorn Sound damage Organic Sound damage
Bike Horn 3-4 4-5
Whistle 5-7 6-8
Bugle 9-11 10-12
Aoogah 14-16 15-17
Elephant Trunk 19-21 20-23
Foghorn 25-50 27-55
Opera Singer 90 99
Birthday Cake Throw damage Organic Throw damage
Cupcake 4-6 5-7
Fruit Pie Slice 8-10 9-11
Cream Pie Slice 14-17 15-18
Whole Fruit Pie 24-27 26-29
Whole Cream Pie 36-40 39-44
Birthday Cake 48-100 52-110
Wedding Cake 120 132
Cloud Squirt damage Organic Squirt damage
Squirting Flower 3-4 4-5
Glass of Water 6-8 7-9
Squirt Gun 10-12 11-13
Seltzer Bottle 18-21 19-23
Fire Hose 27-30 29-33
Storm Cloud 36-80 39-88
Geyser 105 115
Grand Piano Drop damage Organic Drop damage
Flower Pot 10 11
Sandbag 18 19
Anvil 30 33
Big Weight 45 49
Safe 60 66
Grand Piano 85-170 93-187
Toontanic 180 198


There are benefits to using certain organic gags from specific tracks in terms of soloing a Cog with a single gag. Take note of the following benefits:


  • Another way gags receive a bonus towards their overall damage is when a Toon interacts in a Cog battle at a nearby object in the streets. Bonuses from street objects, however, only apply to Throw, Squirt, and Toon-Up.

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