Operation Duck Hunt

Operation Duck Hunt is the insinuated mission to save Flappy Quackintosh from Bossbot HQ. Lord Lowden Clear hinted at this stating that the toons are "not ready" to take on whatever Operation Duck Hunt ensues [4]. Slappy is believed to be held in the Executive Office Tower in the background of Bossbot HQ, the one that looks like a large field office with large The Big Cheese statues holding up its sides. Due to either a redaction of this idea or slow development, no further evidence of this mission has been stated, but stay tooned!


Slappy Quackintosh went sad during Doomsday in Toontown Central, and has not been seen since [5]. It is speculated that the Chairman captured him, and that he is currently being kept in the Executive Office Tower. Flappy is the rightful mayor of Toontown, and Flippy states that he will resign once Slappy returns [3].

The Chairman

There is little concrete evidence about what the Chairman is, but his existence has been confirmed by a letter from him to a The Big Cheese cog, which directly shows he is real. In the letter he talks about "The Duck", presumably Slappy, and how he refuses to cooperate, and if such misaction continues, that an "Executive Meeting" will be held at the Executive Office Tower[1]. He is also mentioned by the Head of Ambush Marketing, the level 50 skelecog who led Doomsday, saying "The Chairman won't be happy until you are" [7]. The Chairman is also speculated to be the large robot in the Toontown Online download video. It was also stated at the OMG!con 2015 that the Chairman will most likely be in the game at some point [1].

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