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This page contains information about content that has yet to be released to Toontown Rewritten. Read ahead for an exclusive look at what could potentially make its way into Toontown, but beware the possibility of misleading information or spoilers!

Operation: Duck Hunt is an upcoming insinuated mission with the goal of saving Slappy after his fateful incident during the Toon Council Presidential Elections. Slappy is said to be located within the Executive Office Tower at Bossbot Headquarters, but Lord Lowden Clear warns that it is much too dangerous for the Toons and the Toon Resistance to sneak in without being caught.



"In the meantime, the concepting stages for our end of Beta event just started just last month, and we're hard at work on bringing it to life. I can't say too much yet, but I can tell you that it is going to be a heck of a lot more fun than Doomsday, but also a heck of a lot more work. You're going to want to train up your Toons when you get some time in-game, because you'll need a lots of Laff for this."

Development for an end of Beta event was first mentioned by Joey (Sir Max) in a blog post titled "Backstage: Designing Doomsday" discussing how Toontown Rewritten went into creating Doomsday and its behind-the-scenes work. According to Joey, the end of Beta event will be a lot more fun than Doomsday but also a lot of hard work to take part in, meaning players will want to progress their Toons to gain a lot of gags and laff.

A day later after Joey's blog post, Kati (Captain Sandy) revealed an image of upcoming new content that is named "Concept-duckhunt". Some of the concepts in the image itself reveals what looks to be the Chief Financial Officer fighting off against the camera bots, along with the Chief Executive Officer's podium from behind, and several goons walking by. This may be the concept for a major boss battle related to the event.

Polar bear day

"Slappy lives. And we're going to save him."
Doctor Surlee[src]

On Christmas (also known as Toontown's Twelve Days of Winter), Doctor Surlee stops by the Toon-torial supposedly waiting to retrieve his mail. Unlike those who create a Toon of other species, players who create a bear are revealed extra dialogue from Surlee. Surlee at first refuses to offer the polar bear transformation, but quickly decides to play the role anyway. Not only does Surlee allow the player to become a polar bear, he warns of something big will be happening, and that Toons will need to train their gags and buff their laff.

Team LHAAFBBHQ mini-comic

"It's a troubling scenario. But who can we send? You can't go out on your own, and the rest of us need to stay behind and prepare for Operation: Duck Hunt. The Toons aren't ready yet."
Lord Lowden Clear to Good ol' Gil Giggles

To debut the arrival of Team LHAAFBBHQ, Toontown Rewritten created a mini-comic, showcasing a conversation between Good ol' Gil Giggles and Lord Lowden Clear. Lowden states that the Toon Resistance needs to stay and prepare for Operation: Duck Hunt because the Toons are "not ready".

Shortly after Team LHAAFBBHQ's capture, Lowden eventually announced that Bossbot Headquarters had been uncovered and offers some insight about the Bossbot Clubhouse, the Cog Golf Courses, and the Executive Office Tower. The Toon Resistance was unable to infiltrate the tower due to the security goons blocking possible entrances. By peering through the windows, the only information that was gathered is that the large elevators seem to be capable of fitting a Cog boss inside.

Memos from Minglermail

"Yes, it's about this again. The duck continues to be uncooperative with us. He will not give any information on the Toons or their operations."
The Chairman to The Big Cheese

A website related to the Cogs known as was created as an ARG to correspond with Team LHAAFBBHQ's storyline. When the team was eventually captured by the Bossbots after finding pieces of a peculiar picture, memos were found on the website with the help of accessing accounts from each Bossbot in the corporate ladder. One of the memos reveals a message sent by the Chairman to The Big Cheese regarding "the duck" being uncooperative with the Cogs and refusing to lend them information about the Toons' operations. Another memo reveals a message sent by The Big Cheese to the Corporate Raider, questioning the presence of Team LHAAFBBHQ inside the Executive Office Tower instead of Cog Nation.

New information

"...I can say that there is someone in there. Someone that you've all been waiting for. And it's not Team LHAAFBBHQ, they're somewhere else."
Joey[[OMG!Con 2015|[src]]]

At OMG!Con 2015, a lot of behind-the-scenes work was presented, including a look at how Bossbot Headquarters was created to be completely new. As Joey speaks to the audience about Bossbot Headquarters, he then reveals some new information about the Executive Office Tower. Although he was unable to reveal too much, he speaks of a certain Toon residing within the tower that the Toontown community has supposedly been waiting for, which made a lot of people assume that the Toon in question is Slappy. The memos from state that Team LHAAFBBHQ was not meant to be transported to Cog Nation, but Joey's words sparks the possibility that plans have been made to change up the storyline a little bit.

In 2016, Toontown Rewritten hosted another convention, continuing the tradition of real life events as they hope to have at least one convention every year. After a presentation was shown, the staff answered several questions asked by the attendees. One of the attendees asked a question about the Executive Office Tower. To once again answer the question without revealing too much, Joey confirmed that the four bosses will reside there. This likely refers back to the "Concept-duckhunt" image where the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer are shown, making the image actually relevant. When Bossbot Headquarters was uncovered, Lord Lowden Clear had also mentioned that the Executive Office Tower contained elevators big enough to fit a Cog boss.


  • Some people in the Toontown community believe that "the duck" mentioned in the memos could be Scrooge McDuck, for he had also been captured by the Cogs during the Toon Council Presidential Elections when activating a robot from Gyro Gearloose's lab, and the result of his fate has been unknown for a very long time.
  • On February 2, 2016, Sir Max published a blog post about Slappy's story with a recap of the events prior to the Toon Council Presidential Elections. The blog post's image named "16-2-2_rememberingslappy.jpg" shows little glimpse of black and white flashbacks from other blog post images, including "Concept-duckhunt".
    • According to Sir Max, Doctor Surlee had a couple ideas of where to begin looking for Slappy and that Flippy had also been searching ever since the incident. However, Surlee's ideas are unknown.
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