Operation Crash Cashbot Headquarters

Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters was a major event that commenced on May 2, 2019, and ended on May 31, 2019. After uncovering a highly classified Cog memo with mentions of a "C.F.O. Project" to fight back against the Silly Meter, Lord Lowden Clear initiated an operation to put a stop to the Cogs' plan.

Crashing Cashbot Headquarters

Resistance Outpost

19-5-2 outpost

At the heart of Cashbot Headquarters, the Toon Resistance managed to secure their own "Resistance Outpost" composed of gag barrels and plenty of jokes after sabotaging Cashbot Headquarters. The entire headquarters was covered with graffiti and Cashbot freight trains were destroyed.

Near the Resistance Outpost, Toons could find Lord Lowden Clear and several Resistance Rangers such as Rocky, Loopy Loopenloop, Bulletin Belle, Cassie Peppercakes, and some new Goofy's Gag Shop suppliers across the headquarters.

Toon Resistance ToonTasks

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19-5-2 toontasks

Toon Resistance ToonTasks returned once more to offer exclusive rewards that Toons cannot receive at any other time. Toons could complete these limited-time ToonTasks to earn all sorts of rewards including double gag experience, Cogbucks, brand new unites, special SOS cards, fabulous clothing and accessories.

The Toon Resistance expected Toons to complete their ToonTasks in due time to ensure that the operation is a success. Once their takeover of Cashbot Headquarters concluded on May 31, 2019, the ToonTasks expired and Toons were unable to claim their rewards.

Battle against the Chief Financial Officer

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19-5-2 mastersofdisguise

Toons of any laff without their own Cashbot Cog Disguise could pick up a Rental Suit to infiltrate the Cashbot Vault, battle against the Chief Financial Officer, and take advantage of his weakened security. Some Toon Resistance ToonTasks also involved helping a certain number of Rental Toons defeat the Chief Financial Officer.


Date Event
April 29, 2019
The Toon Resistance intercepted a Cog memo months prior to this date.[1] Lord Lowden Clear publishes a blog post unveiling the initial memo, along with a few other memos, and urges Toons to get down to the bottom of this mystery by decoding the memos.[2]
April 30, 2019
Thanks to the works of the Toontown community, Whispering Willow publishes a blog post the next day, unveiling the decoded Cog memo.[3] The memo describes a top-secret project by the Cogs called the "C.F.O. Project" that is said to counter the increase in jellybean values compared to Cog currency. The memo also specifies that "a number of valuable and highly confidential assets" will travel by Cashbot freight trains from Cashbot Headquarters, and that Toons must not interfere.
Date Update
May 2, 2019
Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters begins.[4] This update included:
  • Teleport access to Cashbot Headquarters was granted to all Toons during the event.
  • The Toon Resistance received a partnership with Goofy's Gag Shop, and new gag suppliers were added to a Cashbot freight train in Cashbot Headquarters. Laff barrels were also added to several areas around the headquarters.
  • Cogs no longer roamed Cashbot Headquarters but goons were deployed around the pathway and entrance to the Cashbot Vault.
  • Laff requirements were temporarily lifted from the Cashbot Mints.
  • A disguised Trolley will occasionally run through one of the middle two tracks (the outer two tracks were blocked with Cog trains that collided). If a Toon gets run over by the disguised Trolley, they will gain 10 laff points, with a possibility of a few extra points.
  • Dynamic street signs have been placed throughout every street. The first of these signs advertised the event.
  • Toon Resistance ToonTasks were released, offering the following rewards:
May 3, 2019
Minor fixes and/or tweaks to the event were implemented. Release notes were shown in Bulletin Belle's blog post.[5]
  • Fixed a crash upon receiving 5-star SOS Fire cards.
  • Renamed "Promotion Unites" to "Promotion Assist Unites" to avoid confusion.
  • Resistance Rangers will no longer give out duplicate ToonTasks.
  • Fixed a semi-rare crash when loading into Cashbot Headquarters.
May 15, 2019
Minor fixes and/or tweaks to the event were implemented. Release notes were shown in Lord Lowden Clear's blog post.[6]
  • Loopy Loopenloop and Cassie Peppercakes offered a new ToonTask reward for double Cogbucks.
  • Cog levels in Cashbot Mints were decreased to accompany the same "weakened security" concept like the Chief Financial Officer boss battle.
  • Laff points obtained from treasures when stomping on the goons guarding the Cashbot Vault were increased.
  • Extra spawn location points were added to the stairs of Cashbot Headquarters.
  • Cog Summons were disabled while in Cashbot Headquarters during the event.
  • ToonTasks involving Cogbucks no longer offered credit to Rental Toons.
  • Fixed an issue where a reward for 30 minutes of double gag experience in any location was not deletable.
  • New Toon Resistance ToonTasks were released, offering the following rewards:


  • This event was first teased at ReplayFX 2018 with a preview of the trailer video once attendees completed a scavenger hunt that involved finding pieces of the Cog memo.
  • This event is the second operation initiated by Lord Lowden Clear and the Toon Resistance after Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters.
  • Atop the pillar opposite the Cashbot Dollar Mint elevator in Cashbot Headquarters, a random bear and deer NPC would be seen playing rock-paper-scissors. With each game, the bear would lose and the deer would start dancing.
  • Some lines of dialogue in one of the ToonTasks offered by the Toon Resistance, particularly the ToonTask from Bulletin Belle that had an overview on the Chief Financial Officer's bank statement, indirectly referenced the Executive Office Tower when it was discovered that the Chief Financial Officer had plans to purchase golf clubs and visit Bossbot Headquarters.
  • Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters comes with a large amount of irony, as many clues suggested that the "C.F.O. Project" does not imply the Chief Financial Officer. At the end of the operation, Lord Lowden Clear stated that no Cashbot had any insight on the project.
  • During the event, the train signals on either side of the tracks were seen blinking. In actuality, the lights were displaying secret messages in morse code. Both lights were having a conversation with each other, in which the green light would start off by saying something and the red light would then respond.
"Look what fun they're having."
"Too bad they have the wrong C.F.O.."
"You should go green."
"I can only stop red."
"Don't be so negative."
"Stop mocking me."
"Go trains, go trains! Woo!"
"There are no trains."
"Wanna play a game?"
"Don't say red light, green light."
"Hi over there!"
"My existence is meaningless.
―Green light and red light conversing.




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