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[[File:Ttr-screenshot-_Maxxed_sound_-Fri-Jul-10-20-04-37-2015-120855.jpg|thumb|A toon getting the final sound gag, opera singer, in a street.]]
[[File:Ttr-screenshot-_Maxxed_sound_-Fri-Jul-10-20-04-37-2015-120855.jpg|thumb|A toon getting the final sound gag, opera singer, in a street.]]
[[Category:Sound Gags]]
[[Category:Sound Gags]]
[[Category:Level 7 Gags]]

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Opera Singer battle.png
Opera Singer
Opera Singer Icon.png
Basic information
Track: Sound
Level: 7
Accuracy: High
Affects: All Cogs
Minimum damage: 90
Maximum damage: 90
Organic boost: 99
Carry capacity
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 1
Preceded by:
Foghorn Icon.png


Succeeded by:


Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:

500 to Go!

Sound files

Opera Singer is the level seven Sound gag. It cannot be purchased in Goofy's Gag Shop; instead it can only be obtained by earning 500 skill points in Sound.

Skill Points

  • The Opera Singer is acquired if a Toon earns 10,000 skill points in Sound. You can only carry one of these at once, and regaining the gag requires a further 500 skill points in Sound, unless the Toon has already earned more than 500 skill points.


  1. The Toon pulls out a megaphone with the face of an Opera Singer sticking out at the front.
  2. The Toon slowly pulls the megaphone back from its orginal position before holding it infront of him/her.
  3. The opera singer begins to sing producing visible sound waves from her mouth.
  • If the Cog gets stunned by the attack, triangular white marks will appear spreading out from his/her head.
  • If the Cog avoids the attack, he/she will stand as usual without showing any visible sign of damage being caused.


  • The Opera Singer has the weakest damage in comparison to any other Level 7 gag (excluding High Dive and Presentation).
  • It is the easiest Level 7 gag to obtain as it requires only 2500 skill points from its preceding gag which is the Foghorn.
  • In reality, a foghorn is much louder than an opera singer because it is used as an emergency device to warn ships in the presence of hazardous conditions, usually fog.



A toon getting the final sound gag, opera singer, in a street.

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