Old boot

An old boot is an item commonly found while fishing. Although this item does not reward jellybeans and is usually considered worthless, it allows a Toon to mark any square on a bingo mode during Fish Bingo, almost like a wild. Toons usually use it to select fish that they know are difficult to find depending on which Fishing Rod the player has. It takes away a jellybean from fishing rather then taking it away and then multiplying it, like a normal fish.


  • In the estate, there is a model of an old boot within the fishing bucket.

Trading card

Series 4
An Old Boot
In Toontown's fanatic fishing community, commonly referred to as the "Tunaverse", fishermen have been pondering: Water these old boots doing in our ponds? With a bucket full of boots and no fish to sell, one frustrated fisherman decided to start selling these old boots under a designer brand called "Ughs" -- named after the sound Toons make when catching them. Some have shoehorned ideas about how these old boots came to be, but the sole of their theories just has too many holes in it.

Size: 11.5 Men's US
Rarity: Common
Primary Habitat: Anywhere


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