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This page lists all blog posts that were posted on the Toontown Rewritten website during the year of 2020. It will be updated as the year progresses.


Let's Hear it for the Truehearted Top Toons!

Posted by Toon HQ on January 2, 2020 at 6:00 PM

This is Toon HQ, and we'd like to wish all of Toontown a very Happy New Year! It’s the start of another fantastic year, and we’ve got lots of brand new Top Toons to award our squeaky clean new medals themed after the Year of the Mouse.
20-1-2 funonduty

The HQ Officers have some fun with the new Jackets.

The following list is separated into two categories, Cogs Defeated and Floors Recovered. Each category has winners from each hour from all throughout January 1st. If you’re one of them, your name will be down below!
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NOTE: Don’t see your Toon up there?
  • Toons linked to the same household or same computer were only listed once to keep it fair, but ALL qualifying Toons will still receive their prize! You may only see one of your Toons on the list, but any other of your qualifying Toons will receive the prize as well.
  • Toons who have received a serious infraction shortly before, during, or after the event have been disqualified. Toontown should be fun for everyone!
  • If you think that your Toon hasn’t been listed by mistake, please contact us by email at! Mistakes can happen, so we’ll look into the issue for you. (Such as, if a friend or sibling played on a Toon in your household.)
  • Prizes will be given to all qualifying Toons within twenty-four hours time.

We’ve been seeing some record-breaking achievements over this recent Top Toons event -- we could hear the foghorns and cannons going off from every corner of the town! A whopping total of over 215,000 floors were cleared from Cog Buildings over the course of the event, and an astonishing amount Cogs were defeated -- over 540,000 of them! In other words, over half a million Cogs were defeated in just one day. Needless to say, the work done yesterday will throw a major wrench into the Cogs' plans.
If you saw your name up on this list, you should receive your “Victor’s Varsity” jacket within twenty-four hours time, straight to your Toon's mailbox. If not, send us an email and we’ll be sure to see what's holding up Clarabelle!
We hope you all have a Happy New Year and have fun in Toontown!

The Revenge of the Skelecogs

Posted by The Skelecogs on January 17, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Good afternoon once again, Toons. To say that upper management has been distraught with current Cog performance would be an understatement. No thanks to all of you, our plan to phase out Cog Suits went abysmally. We've heard no end of it over the water cooler, I can promise you. Not only that, but less than a month ago, you Toons defeated over half a million Cogs! So many hardworking individuals, working towards a future of greed and profit, defeated by a measly Foghorn.
20-1-17 desperatetimes

The Skelecogs are not happy.

Thousands of Cogs are seeing pay cuts thanks to the losses, and we're not happy about it. The Sellbot Factory is even struggling to keep up with the demand for new Cogs. Our timetables for future growth have even been re-shuffled. However, we've come up with a proposal to "suit" all of these newfound needs. We've made the executive decision to reduce Cog Suit output, allowing the factory to work overtime in replenishing our ranks. To celebrate the occasion, we're sending out yet another Skelecog Mega-Invasion.
Don't be alarmed, Toons. It's clear to us that you don't understand our goal here. We just want to turn Toontown into what it was always meant to be, a cold and drab metropolis that our CogFathers worked so hard to reach. It seems that some Toons don't understand why this is necessary, but it truly is. All of your fun is nothing but a distraction to a perfect world of productivity and profits.
Don't bother deploying the Resistance Rangers, as they'll only hinder us in helping you achieve our goals. We hope that unlike last time, this Mega-Invasion will be an absolute success. We'll hopefully see you on the streets, Toons. We can't wait to offer you our various business services.
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