Mint Supervisor
Mint Supervisor
Basic information
Type: Cashbots
Lowest level: 12
Highest level: 12

The Mint Supervisor is a level 12 Skelecog, who is the boss found within the Cashbot Mints located in Cashbot Headquarters. When encountered at the very end of a mint, he will be accompanied by three level 11 Cogs, which can either be Loan Sharks or Robber Barons. The Mint Supervisor himself, however, will always be a Robber Baron due to his level 12 status.

The room that the Mint Supervisor resides in will usually contain bags of coins, dollar stacks or bullion stacks, depending on which mint the player is in. There will also be a large safe inside of the Supervisor's room.

Once the Mint Supervisor and his accomplices have been defeated, the Toons will be awarded gag experience and Cogbucks. The amount of Cogbucks earned depends on both the mint and the floor that the Toons were in.



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