After completing all necessary ToonTasks in Minnie's Melodyland, you may proceed to complete the last animation frame for your gag training. Head to Leo's Fenders Auto Body Shop and receive a Cloudy Castanet to take to Casa de Castanets. Carlos will ask you to fish Blue Squid Ink from any pond. After you bring him the Blue Squid Ink, he will then ask you to take down a cog building while he cleans the castanet. After doing so, he will give you the Clear Castanet to take back to Leo.

Leo will then ask you to visit Hedy at Lousy Lyrics Discount Sheet Music to get his lyrics back. Hedy will first ask you to take down a 2+ story cog building. Once that's done, she will then ask you to take down a 3+ story cog building. Upon returning to her, she will give you Leo's Lyrics. Delivering these to Leo will complete the task and give you access to your next gag track.

Prerequisite notes

  • Players must complete all ToonTasks in Minnie's Melodyland before proceeding to this ToonTask.
    • Laff limit: 52
    • Gag pouch: 40
    • Jellybean pouch: 100
    • ToonTask capacity: 3
    • Teleport access to Minnie's Melodyland
    • 15 gag training animation films


The ability to use Trap or Toon-Up/Sound gags, whichever was not chosen in Toontown Central

Important figures



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