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|name = Minnie's Melodyland
|name = Minnie's Melodyland
|treasure = Music note
|treasure = Music note
|connecting = [[Baritone Boulevard]] > [[Loopy Lane]], [[Toontown Central]]
|connecting = [[Alto Avenue ]] > [[Loopy Lane]], [[Toontown Central]]
|#bldg = ???
|#bldg = ???
|#streets = 3
|#streets = 3

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Minnie's Melodyland
Music note
Basic information
Treasure: Music note
Number of buildings: ???
Connects to
Alto Avenue > Loopy Lane, Toontown Central
Cog information
Minimum level: 2
Maximum level: 6
Maximum building stories: 5 floors
Data is by normal gameplay.

Minnie's Melodyland, commonly abbreviated at MML, is the playground located in the northern part of Toontown. It is the fourth neighborhood in the ToonTask order.


Minnie's Melodyland is a neighborhood that is themed to music and instruments. This playground's shopkeepers and buildings are usually all puns of musical terms. The Treasure of this neighborhood is a Music Note and restores a Toon 10 Laff points if gathered.


After a Toon completes the ToonTasks in Daisy Gardens they will move onto the toontasks in Minnie's Melodyland making the playground the fourth playground in the toontask route. After completing all the tasks in Minnie's Melodyland, the player moves on to The Brrrgh.


Minnie's Melodyland have three streets Alto Avenue that leads to Toontown Central, Baritone Boulevard that leads to The Brrrgh and Tennor Terrace that leads to Donald's Dreamland.

The main cogs that roam the streets of Minnie's Melodyland range from levels two to six.


  • In Toontown Beta 1, Minnie's Melodyland used to have a merry-go-ground, but then in Toontwn Beta 2, it was replaced to have room for the pond to go fishing. The merry-go-ground is in the Toontown Online phase files. It is unknown if the merry-go-round will be added in Toontown Rewritten.
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