Minnie's Melodyland
Music note
Basic information
Treasure: Music note
Population: ??? Toons
Number of buildings: ???
Connects to
Alto Avenue Loopy Lane, Toontown Central
Baritone BoulevardSleet Street, The Brrrgh
Tenor TerraceLullaby Lane, Donald's Dreamland
Cog information
Minimum level: 2
Maximum level: 6
Maximum building stories: 5 floors
Data is by normal gameplay.

Minnie's Melodyland, commonly abbreviated to MML, is the playground located in the northern part of Toontown. It is designed as a musical wonderland. It is the fourth neighborhood Toons progress to in the ToonTask order, coming after Daisy Gardens and before The Brrrgh.

Minnie's Melodyland is generally disliked by many Toons, due to the ToonTasks being tedious and long, as well as the infamous "Whole Cream Pie" task, resulting in the Medium Bag. The task requires Toons to give a Whole Cream Pie, the level 5 Throw gag, to one of Minnie's Melodyland's residents: Cleff. The task is notorious as most Toons who enter Minnie's Melodyland for the first time do not have level 5 Throw, requiring them to grind in order to finish the task.


Minnie's Melodyland is a neighborhood that's theme is music and instruments. This playground's shopkeepers and Toon Buildings are usually all puns of musical terms. The treasure of this neighborhood is a music note that restores 10 laff points if gathered. The fisherman found here is Fisherman Fanny.


After ToonTasks in Daisy Gardens are completed, Toons will move onto the tasks in Minnie's Melodyland, making the playground the fourth playground in the ToonTask route. After completing all the tasks in Minnie's Melodyland, the player moves on to The Brrrgh.



Minnie's Melodyland has three streets:

The streets' main purposes are to house buildings and connect neighborhoods, as well as providing a place to battle the Cogs.


  • In "Beta 1" of Toontown Online, Minnie's Melodyland used to have a merry-go-ground, but had been replaced by a fishing pond in "Beta 2". Although it is unknown if Toontown Rewritten will find a use for the merry-go-ground, the item still exists in the phase files.
  • There is a cloud covering an unknown section of Toontown that is located near Minnie's Melodyland on the map. Specifically, it is located just to the left (going by the map and not street layout) of Tenor Terrace. This was added to continue the Toontown Rewritten storyline.

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