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Mickey Mouse is the Mayor of Toontown. He hand-picked Flippy and Slappy to run in the Toon Council Presidential Elections, in which the winner would lead the Toon Council to take care of Toontown while he is working on his movies. Although Mickey is absent in-game, a picture of his face is shown on top of the Toon Hall at Toontown Central. The Toontown Central playground also resembles Mickey's head.


"Mickey has always been a humble hero of mine. I loved watching his movies as a tiny tot, and I knew that I needed to move into town just to meet him! I wanted to move in as soon as I could, but I was going through Tooniversity at the time to get my degree in Loony Literature and Animated Adjectives. A year later I earned the degree and submitted my application to be accepted as one of the first residents of Toontown. A few months later, I got a letter from Mayor Mickey himself saying he was astounded by my application and gave me a key to move in!"
"The problem with this is that we overloaded ourselves by a tiny bit. By a tiny bit, I mean all of us are literally dead. Literally. Shockley ran away, McQuack threw a temper tantrum, and I forwarded my resignation letter to Alec, then blew off all of my Jellybeans at Disney World and came crawling back today. (Those hats are expensive, but no one can pass up on some Mickey Merch!)"
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  • Mickey Mouse is the mascot of the Walt Disney Company who was created by Walt Disney himself in 1928.
  • In Toontown Online, Mickey Mouse could be seen at Toontown Central. He would walk around, speak to Toons who walked up to him, and even dressed up for Halloween. In Toontown Rewritten, he was taken out for copyright reasons, but the texture map for his 3D model can still be found in the phase files.
  • Doctor Surlee's pocketwatch in the Toontown Rewritten logo oddly looks similar to the head of Mickey Mouse.


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