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  • Hello. I see that you re-posted 2 pictures from the TTO Wiki on our Wiki. Please don't post TTO Wiki pictures on our Wiki. I've deleted the images by the way.

    • "Dawn.png" (Uploaded on June 21, 2015) was a smaller version of "Dawn.PNG" on the TTO Wiki (Uploaded on March 3, 2012).
    • "Groovy Garland.png" (Uploaded on June 21, 2015) was a smaller version of "Groovy Garland.png" on the TTO Wiki (Uploaded on November 13, 2011).

    These are replaceable images from TTO. These pictures are not canon to TTR. If you want a picture of Dawn and Groovy Garland then you could still take them yourself in TTR.

    For more about our rules on TTO pictures, you might want to check out

    If you really want to submit a picture from another Wiki, you're probably going to need the original creators' permission, give attribution (credit) to the original creators, or maybe both (assuming the picture is relevant to that Wiki).

    I also saw you uploaded TTO avatars of all the Toon Species and put it in a "Toons" Template. I was about to delete the pictures, but I'm not sure if I should or not. I'm not sure if TTR has an equivalent for those avatars yet, and I'm not sure I want to make it harder for you to develop the Template.

    (By the way, the Toons Template looks pretty big and clunky to me. Maybe you could make it more compact? Or maybe have the species be the caption (and link) under the image? Eg. The Gravity Falls Wiki's current "Pioneers" Page.)

    In the future, please be more careful about those pictures from other Wikis. Have a nice day. :)

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  • Please refrain from uploading images that are found in Toontown Wiki. Our wiki wiki should never have any relation with Toontown Online as it must always pertain to Toontown Rewritten. It's nice to see you create a template to list all of the Toon species, but the template has been temporarily removed from the Toons article because of the reason why I am sending you this message.

    Now I know you may be asking why we have the image on top of the Toons article when it's obvious that it's from TTO. Yes, you are correct about that. However, we are hoping for TTR to create an image of the Toons and the Cogs, similar to how TTO did it on their website. Or at least find images from TTR that may not look cartoon-like, but seem very fitting for our articles.

    Thank you, and we hope you have fun editing here at Toontown Rewritten Wiki!

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  • When you misspell something, there is a rename tool in the edit dropdown. That way you don't have to make a new page simply because of a mistake.

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