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  • I am just fine! How 'bout you? :D
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  • Well well well, am I the only who sees that INACTIVE box next to my name?? Probably not. Yes I am Inactive and I plan to come back. Summer holidays are about to leave (for me at least) so I decided to do a small comeback. I dont promise anything tho :/. I hope to actually do something more productive with my life these last weeks, but for now still playing roblox xD! Have fun everyone and Good Luck for those who are at school!

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    • Hmm, I think i meant to delete it from the page and not generally delete it. Although I found a way to do it from mobile so next time I will do it by myself. Sorry for the confusion xD

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    • Oh ok. That makes a lot more sense. :P

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  • -wave-

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  • I'm not sure if we're accepting Toon Building pictures from Toontown Offline (we're probably not). If possible, could you please get your pictures from Toontown Rewritten?

    I know we're not accepting Toon Building pictures from Toontown Online. Especially when they're so replaceable. TTO pictures are usually considered noncanon. We've already deleted a lot of TTO pictures.

    SOME TTO pictures have a place on this Wiki though. Some were officially mentioned by TTR.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be deleting the Toontown Offline pictures or not yet (I'm assuming we are). Think I'm gonna discuss that with some of our Wiki Staff.

    Thank you for contributing to our Wiki though. And thanks for attributing them to Toontown Offline in the edit history.[1][2]

    Oh by the way, a lot of the TTO and TTR picture stuff is explained here:

    Just wanted to let you know before you put a lot of work into this.

    Have a nice day!

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    • And as a side note, please add the building template on top of the beginning two sentences, while the building list template remains at the bottom. Do the same thing with adding the NPC template on top.

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    • Ok,  I will!

      Thanks :)

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  • Welcome to the Tooniverse, Protobyte!
    TTR Wiki Logo Update

    Hi there, welcome to Toontown Rewritten Wiki! Thank you for your contributions to the Donald's Dock ToonTasks page.

    You are a new Toon who just arrived to Toontown Rewritten Wiki, and we are proud to help you get started on your journey throughout Toontown!

    • If you ever need help, contact one of the administrators!
    • It is always important to show how "Toon Enough" you can be. To do that, please be sure to visit the policy and follow all guidelines.
    • Check out our Manual of Style to learn your skills of how editing is done here.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a message on my Message Wall.

    Have fun editing!

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