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  • So, I just recently remembered something that you should probably take a look at. Forgot about it when we were in chat, and other stuff delayed this message a bit.

    It's one of Sir Max/Joey's Posts on MMO Central Forums.

    Originally Posted by joey19982 on 05-15-2014, 03:47 AM
    Rather than the design of the wiki, I would try improving it by officially documenting all of the detailed storyline information and puzzles that are put out - it will make things much easier for you guys in the future. I also recommend moving to a real webserver with wiki software rather than using wikia, so you can really make it your own with all sorts of customization and such. We have our own personal developer wiki that keeps track of things like this, and it's very useful.

    This was posted on a Thread named "The Toontown Rewritten Wiki Recieves an Update" that Manulik made to announce a new look for our TTR Wiki.

    Moving our Wiki to a different domain has been a question for a while after that. Bermuda even made a Thread named (18022) Moving to a new domain where we decided we decided not to move. We would have ended up with 2 Wikis, and this one might get vandalized, and it wasn't feasible to work on both.

    This Wiki has baggage that your Wiki doesn't have yet. It might not be too late to move to another Wiki if you want to.

    Whatever you decide, good luck, man!

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    • Hmm, it's a good idea, but it would also mean the work put in would have been put to waste, plus the Cog Invasion Online Wikia Accounts would be useless now, since that's the only reason they made them.

      I'll have to talk to the CIO Team about it and look at their POVs on it, but thanks!

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  • Hi, welcome to Toontown Rewritten Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:Wikia.png page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Thank you. I hope I will have alot of fun here. I have already started fixing pages.


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