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  • I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you actually 9 years old? Since you may be under COPPA which is against Wikia's Terms of Use.

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    • Thanks. Trying to do things like this the proper way, even if I'm still learning some of it. I think this is my first time reporting someone for their age, but... if I had it to do over again, I'm not sure if I would have reported this guy or not.

      Hey, Prof! If you just remove your age from your profile information, you could get out of this unscathed. Oh, he already disabled his account. If you ever make another account, you might want to avoid publicly telling people your age. Did he hear me? I'm hoping he heard me.

      I've been told I don't HAVE to report it if I don't want to and reporting them is completely of my own free will. It's Wikia's problem, not ours.[1][2] Asking people to not post their personal information isn't just to protect people under 13, it's to protect EVERYONE. And asking someone's age "out of the blue" may be a violation of their privacy. (Asking him here was ok cause he already made it public. But I may have over stepped my bounds in an earlier comment. I plan to undo that soon.)

      I'm sure Jumper, Urban, and I will have much to discuss about this.

      I think I misunderstood the goal of COPPA. I figured it was to keep kids from posting stuff so there was no way they could post personal information. But NOW, I'm starting to think that the goal is protecting their private information while allowing them to post stuff.

      Like if someone makes a comment and says they're 11 years old, we could just edit it out/delete the comment, then leave a generic warning on their wall about not posting their age.

      It's more about MATURITY than age. A 12 year old can be more mature than some 19 year olds.

      It also helps that our Wiki is based off of a family friendly game. This is not a Call of Duty Wiki.

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    • My input: if it's not your problem, don't bother taking action. If they cause you problems, then you have every right to report them with valid proof. Of course the first line of defense is blocking them if they cause harm to the wiki. Reporting it to wikia is to just disable or temporarily global block them.

      All in all, this law is not yours to enforce. So I wouldn't worry about it.

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  • I am going to just pop by saying one thing.

    When you edit pages can you please not put in "Edited by Prof. Chester" It makes this wikia informal and it makes the flow of pages a bit 'eh'

    You are not in trouble or anything, I am just here to kindly ask you to please stop doing that.

    Take care

    Urberia (profile) 19:53, April 26, 2016 (UTC) (Rollback)

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  • Welcome To My Profile. Here, we talk about stuff we don't really care about.

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  • Toontown is all in your gloves, Prof. Chester!
    TTR Wiki Logo Update

    Hi there, welcome to Toontown Rewritten Wiki! Thank you for your contributions to the User blog:Prof. Chester/Blog of Prof. Chester page.

    You are a new Toon who just arrived to Toontown Rewritten Wiki, and we are proud to help you get started!

    • If you ever need help, contact one of the administrators!
    • Of course Toontown Rewritten Wiki would not be toontastic without any rules to follow! Please be sure to visit our Policy page.
    • Check out our Manual of Style to learn your skills of how editing is done here.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a message on my Message Wall.

    Have fun editing!

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