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  • Hello there.

    We normally don't allow pictures from TTO, especially when they're replaceable like pictures of shopkeepers or Toon Buildings...

    BUT... we might be able to make an exception for shopkeepers that change the way they look over time. I'll probably discuss that with another Admin soon. (Didn't know Metal Mike changed like that... I wonder if I even entered his shop before.)

    So just to be sure...

    Is File:MetalMike2008.jpg from Toontown Online?

    And is File:Screenshot 1-0.png from Toontown Rewritten?

    By the way, I might give that last one a better filename later. Maybe change it to "Metal Mike Screenshot 1-0.png" or something.

    Have a nice day. :)

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    • They're not hard to tell if they're from TTO or TTR. Can confirm the first screenshot is from TTO and the second screenshot is from TTR by looking at the nametags. However, there's already an image of Metal Mike on his page, so it seems rather odd that his shirt was changed to a female shirt. 

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    • After going on TTR to check what he looks like, he still has the green shorts and female shirt, but now he has a forest green color for his head. Going to delete the TTO image because it's not really needed.

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