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  • I live in Estate and some other Looney Place
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is Being Domino the Looney Manboy, Annoying Wiki Contributor
  • I am Cat, Pig
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  • Hi. I see your contributions, and I have to honestly say: please stop doing that.

    When you create pages, please put information on it, instead of just placing a construction template. Whether it's a simple sentence is fine. But just adding the construction template and/or categories are what I consider spamming.

    Not only is it spamming, but it also makes it harder for our editors to know what needs to be created, what needs to be edited, etc.

    Additionally, when you add categories and creating a new page, please do it on the same edit. It helps reduce the history edit count by not spamming it with "Created an article / adding categories".

    Another thing, please earn badges the right way. Don't abuse it.

    Abusing badges means:

    • Creating articles just to add an unnecessary template (like Construction)
    • Adding pointless categories that do not pertain to the article (like Category:Cogs to the Gags page)
    • Making small changes on multiple edits (please use the preview page)
      • Always attempt to try to make all your edits in a single edit. It's fine to accidentally miss some, but when you purposely make small changes, save, then make more small changes, that is not fine and that is spamming.

    These are the basics to abusing badges.

    The administrators here are lenient, but I'm not. Take into consideration of what I have said to prevent the admins from disabling badges. After all, badges are fun, but if it's abused, we will disable it.


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  • Hi, welcome to Toontown Rewritten Wiki! Thanks for your contribution to the User:IFeelMoreCurensic page.

    If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message on my talk page!

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