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  • Happy (belated) Birthday!

    Earlier you said you were on hiatus because of stress. I can feel your pain. Things have been pretty stressful for me too.

    So I thought I would randomly share some funny YouTube videos with you! (Unfortunately, looking up "funny" gives you really lame videos so I just looked at the "PronunciationManual" channel.)

    How to Pronounce Frappuccino
    How to Pronounce Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    How to Pronounce pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
    How to Pronounce 6

    Oh wait, I don't know if you actually SPEAK English. Uh, it's usually funny because PronunciationManual says words wrong on purpose.

    Ok, ok, how about a joke I saw on the internet?

    I searched for the sun all night long
    But then it dawned on me

    -people start throwing tomatoes-

    Heh, jokes on them! Those are Dynaboom brand tomatoes! I always make sure to raise the price of those things before I tell bad jokes.

    -people start throwing Dynaboom brand marshmallows-

    Oh no!!! Why did I make them so fluffy?! Here, take this video! It's someone totally interviewing Joey about Bossbot HQ in TTR. It's totally Joey and not some random guy speaking in a language I don't understand plus subtitles from Temas that I found thanks to Reddit!

    Interview with Joey

    -escapes while angry-ish mob is distracted by hyena laughter-

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    • Wow, it's pretty crazy to think this Thread was started a year ago. Been so long now. That joke I told earlier...

      I searched for the sun all night long
      But then it dawned on me

      Someone was doing a Let's Play of a new point-and-click adventure game, and they were telling lame "Dad Jokes". I can't remember if the players said it or if it was someone in the comments... But that joke really brings me back. :P

      Happy belated birthday once again, Gliscordere. :)

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    • Funny how I never noticed the message until now because I was on another wiki so it didn't tell me haha.

      Thanks once again :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, thank you for editing Sofie Squirt for me. I don't know what I had in mind getting her as a mouse @-@ that's what you get from doing a Bullion while editing the Wikia haha. Thanks again :)

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    • No problemo. I saw the edit and was like "Wait, she's a mouse? Looks more like a duck to me." so I fixed it XD

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  • Hello there. Thanks for adding a bunch of Shopkeeper pictures to the Wiki. (It doesn't look like you took them from the TTO Wiki.)

    Before you get any farther there's a few things I want to point out.

    Most of the time, we capitalize the word "Toon" (even though a lot of the pages say "toon" right now. Even on some of the older pages.)

    I'm not sure if THIS is standard, but PERSONALLY, I don't like how commas separate links to the wiki.

    link, link doesn't separate the links well, so it looks like one huge link.

    Now links like Loopy Lane in Toontown Central or even Big - Small look like 2 separate links to me.

    External links are kinda different though. Commas, don't look good outside the link but, they look nice inside the link. I think they look nice with "quotation marks" around them too.

    Hope ya don't mind, but I changed

    Sanjay Splash is a horse NPC toon who works at Bubble Bird Baths on Elm Street, Daisy Gardens.


    Sanjay Splash is a horse NPC Toon who works at Bubble Bird Baths on Elm Street in Daisy Gardens.

    Looks just a tiny bit better to me. You can change it again if you want though. Oh, and I moved the "Daisy Gardens" and "Elm Street" categories to the top. It's so when you're editing a page like this (at least with the Source Editor), you can see where the shopkeeper is easily without having to look through the actual Page. About half of the pages like this I've worked on have the categories like that, so sorry of the inconsistencies.

    I think I'll let you in on a secret plan of mine for the ToonTasks. Actually, I might have already told everyone else, but I'll tell ya anyway!  :P

    Ever since I've been doing ToonTasks in The Brrrgh, I've been taking screenshots of the ToonTask Dialog. (Though all those pictures are hard to find again later. It's really messy.) The idea is to post all the ToonTask dialog on a page for the ToonTask. Then use it like a template on the NPC page. (So instead of [[PageName]] acting as a link, you could use {{:PageName}} like a template. And the page would have all the screenshots of the ToonTask dialog. And JPG screenshots with metadata are harder to fake than PNGs. (Here's an example of a screenshot with metadata.) I think these pictures would be as big as possible so you can read the text easily. No need to make the TTR Window tiny here.

    The end result would be something in between these 3 Pages right now...

    Drowsy Dave has the NPC Dialog, but doesn't have the fancy table. It uses the simple copy-paste-able format. (We can keep the Simple version on the ToonTask page. Just use <noinclude></noinclude> so that version doesn't appear when you use it like a template.
    Hysterical Harry has a 2 column table. A finished version would look very close to this. It might even look nice for mobile users which is kinda rare. There's something that messes it up for mobile, but I fixed half of it to illustrate the problem.
    Lawful Linda has the NPC Dialog, but it uses 3 columns. I made it 3 to see if I could make it look even better on mobile. It made it look awful on mobile (at least the preview of mobile) and it made it look worse on my web browser. I haven't gotten around to changing it.

    Oh there's other odd stuff I should mention. Some of the ToonTasks have the wrong name. I changed "Gag pouch for 60 gags." to Small Backpack for 60 gags. It's as of all of them are "Gag Pouch", but that's not what most of them are called. MAYBE the first one. (Maybe that's a misconception from the TTO Wiki. I'm not sure.)

    There's also pages like the Sellbot Cog Suit even though in-game, it's called the Sellbot Cog Disguise.

    One weird thing in-game are some shops have signs that say different things than the ACTUAL name of the building, namely movie theaters. Kooky Cineplex used to be known as "Trolley Troubles" here. Even the old TTO Maps of the streets called it Trolley Troubles. So I turned Trolley Troubles into a redirect to Kooky Cineplex. And on the Loopy Lane page, I changed it to "Kooky Cineplex (Now Playing Trolley Troubles)".

    I hope those tips are useful to ya! And sorry I didn't have time to make this post earlier.

    Have fun on the Wiki!

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    • Ahh, yeah. I had this conversation like this on the Toontown Wiki with an administrator saying that "Toon" isn't really a pronoun. Excuse my compulsive edits then and thank you for the tips on how I can improve the wiki in the future~ (*^▽^*)

      (Excuse my late reply I was busy most of the day >.<')

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    • (Not a pronoun? That's a weird way to say it. Now I'm curious how you used it before! Haha)

      I wouldn't have noticed the late response if you hadn't mentioned it. I was busy too.  :P

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    • Well, that administator said "Toon" didn't have to be capitalized so I just went with what he told me :>

      (Yeah, I lead a busy life right now. Just finished my last exam and semester 2 starts on Tuesday, so I try my best to help around the Wiki as much as I can uwu)

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  • Hi, welcome to Toontown Rewritten Wiki! Thanks for your contribution to the File:Shep ahoy.png page.

    If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message on my talk page!

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