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  • I noticed you changed many of the ToonFest item infoboxes to an unused infobox. In the future, please contact a admin about this prior to making such a large scale unnecessary change. Of course, if you did and I didn't see this request, then please tell me and I'll handle the situation with the admin that okayed the edits. But otherwise, please do not start large editing sprees without verifying with an admin first.

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    • Feel free to hop onto the chat or message me on Discord if you would like to discuss this furthermore. 

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    • Hopping in here for a second (sorry to pile on to Electropow's Message Wall), but I also thought it was kinda odd how the image filename was automatically made to match the name of the item's name.

      Trying to guide people to make really good file names actually sounds like a good idea, but renaming images can be a real pain. I'm not sure you can actually swap the filenames of two images with Wikia either.

      Perhaps if there was a new input field named something like "|imageoverride" that would let it use a non-default filename while still suggesting people should make good filenames...

      (Of course, this is also coming from the guy who likes to use JPGs and GIFs, along with the normal PNGs. :P)

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