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  • Why are there so many gaps in the 2019 News blogs?

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    • No problem. It would be nice if I were an administrator like yourself. I could help out in more ways than one.

      And what's more, I wouldn't have to keep sending you the texts. They would quickly fill up this discussion faster than we can say "vegetables and fruits".

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    • ==='''{{Plainlink| Saving the Best for ToonFest | Backstage Toontown}}'''===
      Posted by '''The Toontown Team''' on '' June 5, 2018 at 4:40 PM''
      :Hi again, Toons! It's time for our third and final Backstage Column of this week -- the most that we have ''ever'' had in a single week. There's a lot of things that we've been working on behind the scenes, and these three posts are only giving you a small glimpse of what's to come.
      :Today's post aims to give you a sneak peak of our highly anticipated real-world event, ToonFest at '''{{Plainlink| ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018}}''' -- and in turn, a glimpse of the huge announcements to expect at the event!
      [[File:Toonfest2018 header.png|thumb|center|500px]]
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>The Importance of ToonFest</font>
      :We've hosted a real-world ToonFest event for the past three years, with ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018 being our fourth event. Some players ask us, "Why put so much time into ToonFest? What's so special about it?"
      :This is a good question -- after all, ToonFest costs thousands of dollars to put on and takes an incredible amount of work to plan and organize! There's a reason why we've done this every year, however, and anyone who has ever attended ToonFest knows exactly why: ''It keeps Toontown alive in a way that we could never achieve online.''
      :There's something really special about getting a bunch of Toontown players all in one place! The sheer amount of excitement, celebration, and downright fun that we have at ToonFest every year energizes the players and staff alike, and catches the attention of people even outside of the Toontown community.
      :Think about it: Hundreds of people spend hundreds of dollars to travel and attend an event hosted for a game that was supposed to have closed 5 years ago. That is ''INCREDIBLE!'' We've been emphasizing Toontown's Toontastic community a lot this week, and the success of ToonFest is the single greatest testament to just how great you guys are. 
      Not convinced that you should get excited about ToonFest yet? Let us tell you more about what makes this year special!
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>New Activities and Collectibles</font>
      :We've been putting a lot of thought into how to make this year's ToonFest a blast ''(or, in some cases, a '''{{Plainlink| SPLAT}}'''!)'' In addition to all of the great gaming activities that ReplayFX has, Toontown will have plenty of activities of our own such as Game Stations, Competitions, Arts & Crafts, a Pie Toss, and more!
      :A huge part of ToonFest is also meeting other players and the Toontown Team, who are super eager to meet you as well! Rumor has it that two certain ''special guests'' are making a return, too... Can you guess who?
      :Of course, one of the coolest parts of ToonFest is all of the free stuff you get to take home with you. In fact, we've got a special sneak peek of one of our collectibles this year in the image on the right! That's right -- everyone who attends ToonFest will get to take home an exclusive Toontown Mousepad, in addition to plenty of other goodies that we're saving as a surprise!
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>Our Biggest Project to Date</font>
      :ToonFest isn't all about the fun and games -- but we'll admit, that is a ''really'' fun part of it. In addition to the activities at the Toontown Rewritten booth, we host a Main Event every year to announce what we've been working on. Sometimes, like last year's reveal of v2.0.0, this results in brand new gameplay that you can actually play for the first time at ToonFest!
      :We're going to let you in on a secret: The content we've shown you this week ''isn't'' the biggest thing we've been working on recently. In fact, '''the biggest project that we've EVER created will be seen for the first time at ToonFest.''' That's a big secret we just told you!
      :Until then, our lips are sealed! You'll have to "Toon" into ToonFest to see for yourself.
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>Bringing the Fun Back Home</font>
      :Hopefully by now, you're as excited for ToonFest as we are. We understand, though, that some of you who live too far away from Pittsburgh, PA may be feeling a bit down that you can't join in on the fun. ''That's why we're bringing the fun back home to you!''
      :'''This year, we're doing more than ever to get players who can't attend ToonFest involved.''' With more Livestreams, more Social Media coverage, and more activities going on in-game -- you'll feel like you're really there!
      :Toontown's community spans all across the world, and we want to celebrate with ALL of you -- not just the ones who can make it in person.
      :<font face='Bowlby One SC' color=black size=5>Watch Our Live Preview</font>
      :Thanks for sticking with us through this series of Backstage Posts! We've got more blog posts coming every day this week to celebrate Toontown's 15th Birthday, leading up to our official '''{{Plainlink| Toontown Team Livestream}}''' on ''Saturday at 1:00 PM Toontown Time (PST).''
      :This Livestream will feature a bit of Q&A, just to give you a taste of our big Q&A with the entire team that's happening at ToonFest! 
      :If you're ready to hop on the hype train and ride over to Pittsburgh, PA -- check out the '''{{Plainlink| ToonFest Page}}''' of our website to learn more about the event and purchase tickets.
      :Stay TOONed -- we'll see you on Saturday!
      Here you are, Dynaboom.
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  • ever watch rctv! are you bron when this logo is here? 

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  • before you start writing out descriptions for every sellbot field office image you uploaded, know that the file name for the background image changed. previous link will not work.

    File:19-8-19 cogdologo background.jpg
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  • hey, Dyno!

    i recently added Semis (semi-reverse ubers) to the Uber page due to their increasing popularity in the community (and how often we get asked what they are) and in doing so, i realized, along with some others, that a LOT of the info on this page is just outright incorrect.

    i'd be very happy to make these changes, but i wanted to confirm with you first. let me explain what is incorrect and what needs to be changed.


    - 5-gag and 6-gag, as they are not ubers, and have never been considered so or treated as 'ubers' (unless they are one of the specialty kinds, which have their own names).  maybe a very long time ago, but now, maxing tracks early is very common and the laff is just too much until you get into cash/law/boss uber territory.


    - Sellbot Uber and how it's defined, this seems to have been written including 5-track and 6-tracks, would have to be changed if they are removed. Sell Uber should be, a toon with 2-4 gag tracks maxed in the range of 15-34 laff (20-39 when Sell is maxed), their focus is SBHQ.

    - 4-gag's laff range, 43-48 is just blatantly wrong? maybe this under the assumption 4-trackers take DG tasks but apart from pouch/JBs, they do not touch any laff tasks. the correct range is 34-39.

    - Possibly move Cash, Law, Boss, Tank, Reverse and Semi ubers all into their own seperate table for 'Specialty Ubers'. this would remove the footnote for reverses/semis, while also keeping the 'unconventional' types from being grouped in too much with the 'traditional' type. i think this is an important distinction to make, as when people just mention Ubers, they pretty much ALWAYS mean traditional/sellbot ubers. for the sake of clear information, i think this change is best.

    do let me know what you think, and what your opinion are on these observations. if you're happy with these changes, i will gladly edit the page. thanks!

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    • hey guys! thanks for the responses so far. i'll try and explain what went on here.

      with my first message, i hadn't done any research intto the history of Ubers yet. i decided to do this because the changes to the page were prompted by a little debate the community had in the TTRD over what an Uber is defined as. i went searching and i found out that the history was so interesting (as evidenced by how many people were listening to me rattle on about it) that it deserved to be preserved in the wiki page.

      during that research, i learnt the whole concept of ubers before the laff skipping bug was fixed. and i discovered that pre-dec 2004, the most 'perfect' and difficult uber to achieve was a 50 laff 6-tracker. in the wiki page, i decided to describe this as an adjective rather than a noun. so a "perfect Uber of the time" isn't "a Perfect Uber" but rather "an Uber which is perfect", if that makes sense? 

      however, these toons that have perfect 120s through only their suits, do not actually have a real name? they are seldom done, rather like Tank ubers, but the terms i have heard have been 'Perfect 120' / 'Perfect Toon' / 'Perfect Uber', from those who run them. it's then a bit weird, because they don't fit other definitions of uber, however, by the original definitions... you could say a toon who's maxed all 4 suits without ANY other laff (particularly no fishing laff whatsoever), is pretty 'uber'. 

      for perfect 120s, i could go and ask those who have them and see what they think we should do? one of my good friends has one and has a lot of connections, so they may be able to give us proper insight.

      as for the Black Cats in 2004 - apparently the bug existed for all toons! i've no idea when the bug started, though it was definitely before Nov 24th. i'll have to do some more research, but the MMOCF threads i found didn't seem to specify the moment Uber Noobs were brought about, since a lot of the earliest threads were basically "what is this weird toon doing in my VP", implying that perhaps they were conceived on other forums/etc at the time? who knows! one member from MMOCF, DLite, was considered the 'expert' on Uber Noobs. they had the process down to an exact science, and had several perfect and near-perfect Uber Noobs. from what they described, the methods to skipping laff boosts was a lot of time and patience. 

      another interesting fact... you know Cashbot Ubers? well... i think that true Cashbot Ubers actually did exist. original Uber Noobs seemed to have been created when the community was waiting for CBHQ to come out. the update that prevented these Uber Noobs from being created came out slightly before CBHQ did. when CBHQ did come out, people who still had Uber Noobs could actually progress through DDL with their original laff intact, and fight the CFO. i found this record of toons ranging from 79 to as low as 59 laff defeating the CFO due to this. it's almost kind of bizarre, but perhaps this is where the modern acceptance/idea of Cash Ubers came from? don't think it needs to be said on the wiki page, but thought i'd offer it to you guys anyway.

      but yeah, i'll go around and ask about Perfect 120s, and come back to you guys if i get any solid info.

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    • quick update, i asked my friend who has a Perfect 120 and some others, and their input was this: they are not considered ubers, but are considered unconventional builds. however, unless there was enough non-uber toon builds to warrant an entire section, perfect 120s should be left out for the time being.

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  • So you know the Golf courses page?

    The images you posted here are outdated (As they don't show the golf carts) so a part of me wants to replace them with how they look now with the carts but on the other hand, the golf carts could be kinda in the way of the tunnels that lead to the golf course due to where they're positioned. 

    You have any suggestions? 

    Thanks for reading.

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    • Ya, I think you should update those images. The current images are from 2014.

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    • I like the old pictures and the perspectives their taken at. But if you can figure out a way to take good pictures of it now, then go ahead.

      I'm not sure how I would go about preserving the prespective with a golf cart in the way... (I guess I sorta already did it with the Cog Golf Courses. I just forgot what angle I took the toony ones from and messed it up a bit. :P)

      Maybe if you had the green one WAY to the left, the yellow one just right enough to look good, then have the red way to the left, it might look good.

      By the way, the metadata before April 1, 2016 was better than today's because it still had the X, Y, Z, H coordinates. Since the Zone isn't as important here, I don't think I would even bother with a JPG today, if it was me.

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  • Sorry for the stupid name but I just want to bring up the two Sora pages. I dunno if SaturdayNight fixed these errors but I just want to ask you why did you refer to video games as just "videogame"? I mean for the whole of my life I refer to the whole genré as "Video game(s)" and I've seen some people call it "Video-games".  What's your opinion on what it should be called here?

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  • Let me know, in some way or another, when you have made a third version of that image based on the prototype I sent. In the meantime, I saved the first version and stored it within our top-secret vault! Looking forward to seeing you again on chat.

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  • Cool stuff happened here. Apparently they will have some card that will be shown at ReplayFX to advertise their server.

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    • Looks like a cool card to me. Wonder if it's the size of a business card... -imagines it on the side of a skyscraper-

      I also hear they got Partnered with Discord and they got their own unique link for the TTR Discord server. It's cool that TTR is moving up in the ranks, even if I don't know everything about Discord. :P

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  • Heya, I told SaturdayNight this but I would want to inform you that next Friday (Maybe Saturday.) I will be on holiday for a week so I won't be able to make edits here.

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  • Greetings! It has been awhile since I would send a message to one's message wall, but we need to discuss Trolley games.

    As shown in my latest edit to the Cog Thief page, I changed up quite a few things. What I want to discuss, however, are the two templates: Trolley and Trolley-bot debug mode.

    • Good news for the Trolley template! There is now an "icon" syntax where you can add the icon image representing the respective Trolley game straight into the template itself rather than within a gallery section.
    • "Meh" news for the Trolley-bot debug mode template. The template is great and all, but I think it's missing something important. An average user, especially new Toontown players, would not understand what in the name of Doctor Surlee this unfamiliar red message on top of the page is saying. It would be ever so grateful if you could implement a way to show indication of where the message came from for our users to look over and read about, similar to how our handy-dandy Quote template works. Perhaps this will guide users through the Template:Trolley-bot debug mode page that you worked hard on, or an ARG page (specifically ARG: Call Log in the case of Trolley games).

    Anyways, I think that's about it. See you soon.

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    • Greetings! Yes, it has been quite a while.

      Thanks for sprucing up the "Trolley" template. Looks nicer with a Trolley Tracks icon.

      I guess it has been a while since that ARG. As much as I like it to look super close to the game and add to the mystery, it would probably be way better with a link to an explanation. Since I'm picky about changes to the template, I was gonna link those people to the "ARG: Call Log" page, but it doesn't explain everything. Not one of my best pages...

      Ya know I could probably add extra functionality to the notification too. I could have two tabs at the top so I could display two different possible messages. I remember the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (The SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki at the time?) has a bunch of tabs so I could look at their syntax.

      I also found some random coding on the Gravity Falls Wiki that might simplify things too. It should run the result every time it's viewed instead of the current method where it cashes some number from the page view.

      If I combine those two ideas, people should be able to see a new result every time they want to.

      Well, that's the plan, anyway.

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    • Didn't work 100% as planned. Only one random message per page load, unless someone wants to add "?action=purge" to their URL.

      With two tabs, I could have had two different messages, but without the possibility of infinite retries on the message it wasn't worth it. I scrapped the tabs idea.

      I used the Gravity Falls Wiki "Random Quote" template to figure out how to use the <choose> and <option> wikitext.

      Then I used the {{Main}} template to link to "ARG: Call Log".

      I'm sure I either told you or you've seen it, but I wanted to have it in writing here too.

      Super functional! Kinda pretty... Good enough for today.

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