aka Dani

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Admin on 5 wikis
  • I am Female
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  • Congratulations on getting the badge a while ago for contributing to the Wiki every day for 200 days! You're the first one on this Wiki to get it. I was actually the one who edited the 200 on the picture, so it's nice to see it getting some use. :P

    It looks like you've made some bad spammy edits in the past, but it looks like you've been improved. Thanks for staying out of trouble. :)

    Have a nice day!

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    • And for that, you get a virtual cake!

           @@@@@@@      [[]]      @@@@@@@
       @@@@@@@@@        [[]]        @@@@@@@@@
      @@@@@@@           [[]]           @@@@@@@
      !@@@@@@@@@                    @@@@@@@@@!
      !    @@@@@@@                @@@@@@@    !
      !        @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@        !
      !              @@@@@@@@@@@             !
      !             ______________           !
      !           HAPPY 200TH DAY            !
      !              OF EDITING              !
      !             --------------           !
      !!!!!!!                          !!!!!!!
           !!!!!!!                !!!!!!!
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    • Thnaks and I'm sorry about all the bad editing I did before. I've really learned a lot since the times I got blocked and now I'm an admin on 5 wikis and sometimes I have to block users for making mistakes similar to the ones I made.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I didn't want to do this, but you've dug this hole for yourself. 

    This warning is being issued for two reasons:

    1 - Possible comment spamming.

    2 - Deleting warnings.

    Now as for edit spamming, recently, you have been commenting on comments that are from years ago. Case and point; this comment. The user had an issue during TTR's beta... four years ago. The issue he had has been patched/fixed as my account on TTR does not have that issue. To reinforce my point, you also commented on a post that is three years old with the latest reply being two years old. Finally, you commented on a two year old comment. This makes me think that you have been trying to badge hunt by only posting comments and nothing else just to get a daily edit badge. Your main edits have been decent enough, however.

    Now, as for you deleting warnings. Please do not remove any warnings. Warnings are placed to remind you to stop doing something. Furthermore, its used for us staff to see if you did any previous offence (Case and point, the first warning I gave to you). You removing my warnings shows to me that you are, if anything, running from the law. A warning is a warning. Its an ultimatum, yes. But if you didn't delete that message (twice). I wouldn't really have a point to post this. With the edit spamming just being a friendly reminder, at worse. 

    Plus, its been a month and I still don't know your motive behind you adding a picture from TTO and quite possibly, its wiki. 

    Please, do not delete this message or out right ignored it like you did with my first warning. It would just put you in more trouble.

    UrbanPie950 (Profile|Talk|Blogs|Edits) 12:01, June 2, 2018 (UTC)

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    • Once I understand it I don't need it anymore.

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    • If you delete warnings, you would give people an imperssion that you're running from the law. It makes me think that you want to hide that you were in trouble - and in this case - before this message. If other Moderators/Admins/Bcrats wanted to warn you, then they need to know how many times you've been blocked, how many warnings you had, ect.  When you delete messages, you're stopping us from giving apporate actions, you may get a longer block for something that deserved a shorter block, for example.

      Just don't delete warnings at all.

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  • I hope to make some friends here!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello,

    Recently, I showed you an image of a row of Skelecogs (Which turned out to be from TTO, from the Nutty River district.) I asked you if you got it from TTO or TTR but you did not comply. Also, from the fact that you carried on editing and commenting, I think you ignored me. If you confessed about getting it from TTO, I would be completly fine with it. You have been on this Wiki for two months, you should of been aware of the rules.

    Please do not use TTO images on TTR wikia again. You have been blocked before, save yourself from another block.

    NOTE: Do not delete this message.

    UrbanPie (profile|talk|blogs|edits) 20:33, April 20, 2018 (UTC)

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    • I'm sorry I didn't notice it was from TTO.

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    • Alright, I had enough of this. You should of clearly known it was takened from TTO, if you had it from your old TTO folder then you should of realised that. If you took it from TTO wiki, then... considering you've been a member for three months and if you DID take it from TTO wiki then you should of known about the plagiarism rules.

      Considering that you not only tried to dodge this message with lies (You saying that you wasn't aware this and that message was directed to you... despite it being on your wall), took a long time to respond to my first message of this Thread(More than two weeks) and you've been blocked before... I'm going to land the ban hammer on you. You could of just admitted that you got it from TTO when I gave you this message... but you didn't, you had to ignore it and carry on your editing. When I gave you this message, if you said within the 20th - 27th of April that you was sorry, this wouldn't of happened.

      I didn't want to do this but you gave me no choice.

      Reflect on what you done and please don't do this again.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Heya, I just want to confirm one thing,

    Was this (deleted) image taken from TTR, TTO or TT Offline?

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    • A FANDOM user
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    Welcome to the Tooniverse, Daniellewiki!
    First off, thank you for your contributions to the Doodles page!
    17-6-2 cogrevealteaser
    As the newest Toon at the Toontown Rewritten Wiki, we are proud to help you get started on your Toontastic journey beyond grand proportions! Here is what you need to know:
    • If you ever need help, please be sure to contact one of the administrators. We are always happy to help!
    • It is always important to show how "Toon Enough" you can be. To ensure a Toony behavior, please visit our policy and follow all guidelines.
    • Check out our Manual of Style to learn about the principles of editing.
    If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a message on my Message Wall. We hope you have fun editing!
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