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  • Hi there, ChloeCassandra.

    Recently, you mentioned something about a "trigger box" in the Edit summary of the Toon-Up (oldid=93288) page, but the message got cut short. Something about it being important enough to get its own page.

    I'm curious, what exactly is a trigger box? Is it something like a hit-box for collision detection?

    Is it collectible like action figures that ask us to collect them all, and if so, does it come with Kung-Fu Grip? :P

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    • Aww darn, I thought I shrunk the message enough to make it fit XD

      The trigger box is the blue box with the red button that toons press during gag animations like for Drop gags, Presentation, Storm Cloud, etc.  Because it appears in an animation for different gags, I was thinking there was some form of specialty to it that makes it so universal.  Although I didn't really see anything about it mentioned in the ARG as a specific invention like the Laff meter by Surlee.  I called it the "trigger box" simply because that is name of the sfx file in phase_5: AA_drop_trigger_box.

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  • Welcome to the Tooniverse, ChloeCassandra!
    First off, thank you for your contributions to the File:Ttr-screenshot-Thu-Nov-16-18-27-45-2017-13218.jpg page!
    As the newest Toon at the Toontown Rewritten Wiki, we are proud to help you get started on your Toontastic journey throughout the wiki! Here is what you need to know:
    • If you ever need help, please be sure to contact one of the administrators. We are always happy to help!
    • It is always important to show how "Toon Enough" you can be. To ensure a Toony behavior, please visit the policy and follow all guidelines.
    • Check out our Manual of Style to learn about the principles of editing.
    If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a message on my Message Wall. We hope you have fun editing!
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