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  • There's a link to a blog post related to making new cog pages on the front page in the green box. Click and read it, please.

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    • HERE. I'll CHEAPLY copy-paste the statement made by Manulik, one of the Admins of the wiki for YOU, just in case you couldn't find the post. (Not that it has it's own LINK ON THE FRONT PAGE, OR ANYTHING.)

      Attention all users!

      Please do not create any more cog or gag pages. Let's try to fix up the wiki that we have as well as possible, then we will continue into the creation of those pages. Only X Jumper and I are permitted to create those pages.Thank you, and happy editing!Aside, I plan to make the cog pages once we get the Flunky one good. I want a basic template so every cog page is identical.

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    • I see you're doing this on purpose.

      Boy, I can keep on going like this forever.

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