Step 1:
Total Gags 25

Go to Silly Street, and go to Used Clown Cars. Talk to the Clerk, Loony Louis

Step 2:

Go Fishing for clown tires. After a Toon walks out of Used Clown Cars, they can find the pond within the street.

Step 3:

Recover the tires and return to Used Clown Cars. Talk to Loony Louis.

Step 4:

Head to Loopy Lane, and go to Crack Up Auto Repair. Talk to the Clerk, Lucy Tires.

Step 5:

Defeat six, level three+ Cogs in Toontown Central.

Step 6:

Return to Crack Up Auto Repair, and then go back to Used Clown Cars.

Step 7:

Talk to Loony Louis.

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